Since me and my girlfriend happen to have the same first initial, I thought it would be quite cool to immortalise it in lights, just like Broadway! Plus, it would make a nice lamp for the living room!

Step 1: Parts

First of all I had to figure out how many lights and what kind of lights I was going to use. My initial thought was to use some LED christmas tree lights, but that would have made the whole thing too small. I was looking to make something that was a reasonable size, and also maintaining a classic look.

I settled on clear golf ball incandesant bulbs, so you can see the filament. After a bit of research on ebay i managed to find some 15w ones which were ideal.

Once this was decided, I had to figure out how many bulbs I was going to use. Several sellers were selling batches of 10 bulbs, so that was a decision made for me, although this kinda stung me later on, more on that later!

So finally, a parts list:

1x 18mm MDF
10x 15w Golf ball bulbs, bayonet cap,
10x lamp holders,
Couple of metres of cable,
Various spray paints for giving an antiquey look,
1x 3a plug.
<p>Let me know how you used the AutoCAD...</p><p>I need to make the word 'Exodus'</p>
<p>it's beautiful! I remember to have commented an almost identical project maybe one year ago, was that one your project too? I don't remember if it was the same letter... </p>
I love this art piece, very clever. Nice clear walkthrough, thank you! I am thinking of scaling it down for my 3 kids' rooms, probably using the mini strand Christmas lights. Very cool project, thanks for sharing.
Very nice job! A suggestion for the future: Since you went thru the trouble of laying it out in Autocad, you could have printed out the drawing to make a template, fix it to the MDF with repositional spray mount, and used the lines and drill points for reference while cutting, sanding, and drilling. That would have saved a lot of layout time, and eliminated errors. Even if you only have access to a 8 1/2 x 11 printer, you could have added some tick marks and quickly mated several pages to make your larger template. Great project, though!
Looks very very good!
Total cost was around &pound;50 including the spray paint, so not too expensive. A dimmer socket is just a dimmer switch built into a plug, so you plug your lamp into the dimmer and then into the wall, but an inline dimmer would work just as well.
Love it! Will be doing this in my new apt. What was the total cost? What's a dimmer socket? I'm in the US and I've only heard of a dimmer switch for hard wired lighting. I suppose you could add an in-line dimmer.
I haven't mounted it on the wall yet, but I'll mount it with a small angle bracket to hook over a screw in the wall. And to keep all the sockets from hitting the wall I will just have to add some spacer blocks of wood to the back.
Very cool project. Did you end up mounting it on the wall? And if so, how did you do that with the sockets in the back?
Well Done. <br>Nice work with paint. It so easy to make and looks awesome.
Looks good. Think I might have to steal this idea! Great job on the walk-through!

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