these are my super bulets which are good with snipers

Step 1: You Will Need

you will need:
a blue rod
pencil led
bluetac or anything sticky

Step 2: Make It

put the bluetac on one end of the blue rod and put the pencil led in the blue tac. make sure the led is in the centre of the blue rod

Step 3: Fire

in a powerfull gun it will go straight through paper
don't aim it at anyone

Step 4: Super Bullet 2

this is the super 'bullet' 2
i got the idea from the inventer , this is his grenade
take off an orange pice and fire.
watch out bits go flying
<p>Automatic Fun O' Matic</p>
Emm never try this I murdered my dad! ONLY JOKING, GOD CANT U TAKE A JOKE?!
I shall name this... albert.
i shall name this... dangerous
I shall compromise with: dangerous albert
I shall continue with: Dangerous compromised albert
I shall continually compromise with Dangerous compromisingly named with compromise albert
I shall make my addition as: Dangerously Continuous compromised Albert
I think it should rather be:<br/><br/>Dangerously continuously compromisingly compromise named with compromise Albert with compromise.<br/><br/><sub>ugh.</sub><br/>
I think it should be Dangerously Continuously compromised device named Albert Ugh.<br/><br/><sup></sup><br/>
yes, I agree.
Then I will name it... Wait... What?
just kidding. <sup>hee</sup> <sub>hee</sub><br/><br/>I will name it:<br/><br/>Dangerous Albert with multiple compromises that made a joke. <br/>
Ima name it! Dangerous Albert with multiple compromises that made a joke while drinking tea.
Dangerous Albert With Stupid Multiple Compromises That Made An Exploding Joke While Drinking Red Hot White&nbsp;Tea &amp; Flying With His Boiling Feet
Black tea, I presume?
I accept.
This cannot be! surely it is another joke?
better one...chuck norris
isn't this the modified bullet by alpharex?
...your point?
its already been done, it should stay the same name as the creator chose.
there are many duplicate instructables, which is good because it helps spread the idea. besides, this one is pointy. it is a better bullet. and its name is "Albert the bullet".
the worlds least instructive boring instructable
I name it.....<br/><br/>THE SUPER UBERNESSNESSNESSNESS BULLET OF WISDOM, COURAGE, SUPER UBERNESS, AND DESTRUCTION!<br/><br/><sup></sup><sup>THX motorsk8er</sup><sup></sup><br/>
This bullet looks very effective, you should try heating up a pin/needle (the non-sharp end) and pushing it into a rod so it melts through making an even more dangerous round you could put some super glue round it for added support. cheers Firefly152

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