Introduction: Names and Design Led Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner made from single microcontroller atmega 8 and 8 leds

full youtube link is here..

Step 1: Important File Need to Develop This Project

pcb file open in diptrace

stl file for 3d print

Step 2: Parts Require for Making This Programmable Led Fidget Spinner

Picture of Parts Require for Making This Programmable Led Fidget Spinner


To make this one you require:

1 smd leds(8 pc)

2 atmega smd(1 pc)

3 330 ohm smd resistor(8 pc)

4 fecl3 solution(1 box)

5 copper clad

6 bearing(1 pc)

7 button cell(3 nos)

8 usbasp programmer

9 soldering iron

10 flux

Step 3: Making the Pcb First

Picture of Making the Pcb First


you can download the pcb file and print it by using a laser printer and then transfer the toner on pcb clad.

now mix the solution in cold water and put the circuits and let the etching process be done.

after etching remove the black carbon layer by using thiner or petrol

Step 4: Soldering the Electronics Components

Picture of Soldering the Electronics Components


now first put the liquid flux on the layer of pcb and put the atmega 8 and solder with pointed soldering iron

next pcb put all the led negative one side and positive one side and solder them.

then put the resistor and solder them too...

Step 5: Connecting All Wires

Picture of Connecting All Wires

now take a thin insulated motor winding wire and connect them as shown in image with diagram

prog pin written should be connected to female header pin for usbasp programming

Step 6: 3D Print the Model and Set the Bearing to It

Picture of 3D Print the Model and Set the Bearing to It

print the model by using 3d printer

clean a bearing of 26mm diameter by petrol

Step 7: Programming and Dumping the Code

Picture of Programming and Dumping the Code

download winavr software and usbasp device driver and install it.

download links

LIKE FOR A LETTER S WE NEED TO JUST SEE THE EXCEL SHEET AND PUT 0 AND 1 ACCORDINGLY In this way we write the names and to program it use fischel programmer

now first click on make all in tools

then make program to dump the code.


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