Step 6: Share with friends

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After an hour, remove Nanaimo Bars from fridge. The wax sheet placed in the bottom of the pan will allow you to remove the entire slab whole. To cut, run a sharp knife under hot water and slowly cut into the slab. Be gentle, as the chocolate is brittle.

Cut into bite-size portions and arrange bars as you like, then stand back; there are going to be hungry monsters wanting to try your creation!
These Nanaimo Bars are sure to go quick, so don't forget to grab one for yourself!

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I saw this popping up on my facebook newsfeed and they sounded so delicious I knew I just HAD to make them!! Made them this morning, popped out to have lunch with some friends, and when we returned 3 hours later they were ready to have for desert. What can I say, they are all MINE!! Just need to make sure I beat my husband to the fridge... :-D

Here are a couple of pictures of what mine turned out like. The chocolate wasn't as runny as your version so had a bit of trouble spreading it, it ended up mixing up with the middle layer in places but actually, that gave it a bit of a marbled effect which I thought looked quite pretty :-)

YUM. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
Slim494 years ago
I am Definetly goint to make this!!! :-)
I may use a carmel / peanut butter mix for the middle.
Mr. Steve