Step 4: Making the Molasses Syrup

Ok! The popcorn is made and your work area is ready!

9. Pour the molasses, karo syrup, and sugar into your pot. Stir it up until mostly homogeneous. Put the lids back on your molasses jars and karo syrup container and flip it upside down so that the syrup pools to the top of the container. This way you get everything you paid for! Pour the rest of the syrups into the pot.

10. Set your candy thermometer in pot. Turn on the heat medium or medium high.


11. Once your syrup starts boiling throw in 1 tbsp of butter and DO NOT STIR.

12. When the syrup reaches your desired temperature (discussed below) remove it from heat and add the other 3 tbsp of butter and let it melt on top of the syrup. Once it is completely melted it probably wont hurt anything to gently stir it in so it's mixed well.


PLEASE don't let this section intimidate you.

Nana has the syrup go to 238 degrees in Tucson, AZ (Elevation: ~2,389') according to google)

I looked on a website and it said that you should reduce the cooking temperature by 1 degree every 500' increase in elevation. I currently live in Colorado at an elevation of 8437'. The difference in elevation is ~6000' so by this rule I should bring the syrup down 12 degrees to 226 degrees, which is what I did. I might take it down 1-2 degrees next time but it still came out very well. If you would like to figure out what temperature you should cook it to I would use this 1 degree per 500' rule. Don't forget that if you live at a LOWER elevation than Tucson you will add 1 degree per 500'. To find your elevation you can check google. I hope this makes sense.
Just got done making these. I LOVE molasses and these are soooo delicious. I made just 1/2 recipe and rolled them in small balls to go on my candy tray for Christmas. Thanks so much for such a yummy 'ible.
Mmm, sounds good!

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