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Introduction: Nano K'nex Ipod Dock

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This is my entry into the K'nex challenge 1

It's a universal Ipod dock, that works with all models except the shuffle(s).
It's small, easy to build and works with most sync cables.

It also comes with Bartboys limited warranty! If your ipod breaks within 5 seconds of reading this,I will cover a percentage of the cost of repairing it!


Step 1: Get Your Pieces!

You need:
2 Yellow
2 Orange
4 Green
3 Red

5 Blue
1 White
7 Green

Step 2: Step 1: the Main Frame

This is the part that holds all the other ones together.

4 green connectors on two blue rods, with 4 green rods on one end,
and 2 orange connectors on one of the blues.

Step 3: The Feet

This is the bottom of the stand, that supports the ipod.

2 yellow connectors on two blue rods, and have another blue ready.

Step 4: The Back Rest

This part supports the ipod.

I'm not sure if it's necessary, but for ipod classics and ipod touches,
I would recommend building it.

3 red connectors on a white rod, and 3 green rods in the middle.

Step 5: Assembly

How to put it together*!

  • I never would have guessed!

Clip the green connectors onto the yellows, then slide the red connectors onto the green rods. Put in your sync cable, and clip on the last blue rod.




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    I say this is the best, but I think there should be a minor change, so we could listen to the iPod while it is charging.

    2 replies

    Oh how the times have changed...This dock is for the older iPods that have the headphone jack on the top-right.

    Best Ever! I've tried almost all other docks, but this one is the easiest and the best working!

    1 reply

    The only problem is you could easily knock it over, but anyone who's not clumsy wouldn't :P

    The idea is to build it onto your other creations!

    This is the best dock ever!

    i tryed this with my ipod touch and it worrked perfectly thank you

    five stars

    The sync cable holds it.

    nice idea! i like how it is really small, but does it work with the itouch?

    2 replies

    Every ipod with the dock connector! You might need to take out the three green rods...

    ya!!! check out mine please! i made one that works for all too!

    Ha! my Ipod broke within 5 seconds!

    1 reply

    Well then, I'll send you the percentage to repair it now!

    Tj maxx had some on clearance, and Im driving from Vancouver to Ontario. Naturally....

    Because the shuffle uses a different type of sync cable.

    Now, it may not be great, but It's not worthless......