Introduction: Napkin Holder MacBook Stand

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A metal napkin holder makes a great stand for your MacBook when not in use.

Step 1: Get Supplies

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Including the napkin holder and some round felt furniture pads. I got my napkin holder from Target. Metal works better than wood, because it needs to be heavy enough to hold up the MacBook.

Step 2: Cut Felt Pads

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In halves and quarters so they can be applied to all the points of contact. I used the halves on the bottom, and the quarters at the top corners of the napkin holder.

Step 3: Apply Pads to Holder

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at all the points of contact. You don't want to scratch your MacBook, do you? Then set the MacBook in its holder. For the MacBook Air, I put the thicker edge downward (so the Apple Logo is upright) and it balances quite nicely.


cbaars (author)2013-08-15

I was actually considering purchasing an upright laptop stand, but at around fifty bucks I thought, "There isn't much to a stand, why not check Instructables?". I had my duh moment when I stumbled upon your idea. Napkin holder, a napkin holder would be perfect! Thank you for a simple yet elegant design.

dlane8 (author)cbaars2013-08-21

Thanks for the encouragement! It seemed a little simple compared to some of the other projects here, but I figured it was worth putting out there in case someone else was looking for a solution.

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