Napkin Holder With Tulips ......


Introduction: Napkin Holder With Tulips ......

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I made this Tulip Napkin Holder in participation with the European Woodworking Collaboration Build 2015.

I represented my Country the Netherlands.

And when you think of Holland ..... you think of windmills, tulips, woodenshoes and cheese.

And that is where my product is all about.....

Hope you injoy it.

Step 1: What Do You Need.

1. A piece of wood 500 x 12 x 150 mm ( I used Pallet wood )

2. Chopsaw or handsaw

3. Scrollsaw

4. Glue

5. Paint

6. Nails or brads

7. spray lacquer

8. A good glass of wine and some lovely dutch cheese. :-)

Step 2: For the Right Instructions Watch My Video.

Do you have questions or comments please let me know



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