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Introduction: Napkin Holder

Not a fan of wasting things, and I had a lot of left over clean napkins. I also don't like looking at them... so, I made a napkin holder at Techshop with the laser cutter!

Step 1: Design

First I measured the napkins to get the dimensions for the inside shape of the box. I designed the holder in CAD to manipulate how I wanted the finger joints to look like. Then I exported a DXF file of each part, then laid that out in Corel Draw to laser cut it out.

Step 2: Bottom Base

Use wood glue to glue the joints and the bottom frame together

Step 3: Top Cover

The top cover is just held on by gravity. I made little brackets on the inside of the cover to prevent it from slipping side to side. This was positioned using a piece of wood and a little bit more space for tolerance. Glue all four brackets to the inside face of the cover

Step 4: Load It Up

Load up your napkins and use!



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