Napkin Orgizer for Your Car


Introduction: Napkin Orgizer for Your Car

Some people just don't listen when I ask for no napkins when I go through drive-thru eatery. I've been laughed at when I asked for no napkins.
And this is why. I don't like throwing away perfectly good napkins and I only use one if I do use them. And some people and me a small tree. (I'm a slob, but not when I stuff my pie hole).

Step 1: Do You Really Need Instructions for This?

What I like about these DIY sites is not only the instructions that you get to make something, BUT THE IDEAS it gives you/others to make and put their own spin on it. I'd you do spin it please post a picture of it.
What's needed:
small tree of napkins
rubber band
knife (unless you have some stellar ripping skills or you don't care how neat it looks)

Step 2:

Step 3: Let's Hope It Fits Back in the Glove Box.

Cut cardboard to size, make napkin sandwich with cardboard being the bread (but who am I to judge). Then band it to hold it all together and reward yourself with a frosty beverage. Go on, you deserve it. And calories be damned, you accomplished something today.



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