Napkins Decoupage Box - Gift That Roar With a Wild Flavor!





Introduction: Napkins Decoupage Box - Gift That Roar With a Wild Flavor!

Love the beautiful effects of painting on wood but can't even draw a stick figure? Want to decorate that boring wooden box or terracotta pot you bought from Ikea but don't know how? I show you how easy it is to use this napkins decoupage technique that requires no drawing skills whatsoever!!



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    Very lovely. Thank you for the instructions.

    The box was great, but I was actually getting dizzy watching this instructable so I just kept hitting the button to fast forward through.
    Thank you though for the great idea.

    Can you make another without all the special effects? I couldn't watch this one, it was disconcerting. I really liked your Decoupage Napkins on Furniture one.

    Very nice and all that!

    But for heavens sake - Stop playing with the video editing buttons.
    Extremely disconcerting and difficult to follow..

    This is a DIY, not a video editing software Show !!!

    Great video! I usually don't watch entire instructables as I get the idea part way through, but this was very well done and I watched the entire thing! Just terrific and informative. My only question is why you cut out the animals and then used the napkin 'background' anyway.

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    Thank you very much! I did cut the animals to glue inside the box. I put the whole design on top and then cut out for the inside. It was a kind of mirror effect. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks.
    Take care ^_^