Narnian Duct Tape Vest





Introduction: Narnian Duct Tape Vest

I had a lot of fun making this duct tape vest! The lion on the front is also made of duct tape. I got it as a duct tape sheet at Jo-ann's. I cut it out and drew it myself. I've never made any clothing out of duct tape before, so this was a great experience for me! 

If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them! Ratings appreciated!

Have fun 'ibling!



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    Being an old Swab-by, and\trying to save that almighty Dollar, I use Duct tape to repair holes in the pockets of my jeans. I just use a piece long enough to cover both sides of the pocket, and go across the bottom, forming a" U" shaped patch that closes the hole, THEN I run a hot iron over the repair, (Cover it with a paper grocery sack or equivalent, to protect the iron from getting Duct tape or the adhesive on the hot surface of the iron)This works well, and is washable & dryer safe if low tempratures (and common sense) are used.

    wonderful. It looks really good. I want to know the design you used. How did you make it?

    Hi! Thanks! I found a picture of the Narnian lion, Aslan, online, and printed it on regular paper. Then I bought a red duct tape sheet from Joann's Fabrics and Crafts. It's an entire sheet - 81/2" by 11". I taped the picture to the tape page and cut it out. Then I drew the detail with a black Sharpie. If you do this, be careful! The Sharpie bleeds across the texture of the duct tape page, and can affect the result.

    The pattern for the vest was my own. I made it up in paper first - less permanent and easier to work with, heh. It worked out, so stage two - voila! :)

    The emphasis of this project was duct tape, but don't be afraid to use different mediums to get the desired result, as in:

    *Regular Scotch tape, or double sided.
    *Paper backing.
    *Safety Pins
    *Anthing to get the job done :)

    Thanks for the question! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask, and I'll try to get you a more timely reply! :)

    Very clever, thanks for sharing.

    I really like this. I'd love it over kevlar!

    Glad you like it! Huh, kevlar, great idea, that would look pretty cool! If you make one, I'd love to see pics!

    Do you slip it on, or does it tape together to hold it on?

    Good question, I actually had the sides double stick duct tape to Velcro to the front. If I tacked it down a lot with duct tape, I could probably slide it on, but as it is, it comes off at the sides really easily. I'm going to use a lot more duct tape to attach the Velcro when I get the time!