this was created for a specific purpose. I needed a narrow step stool for our bathroom. It also had to be three year old proof.

Step 1: Making the Legs

I wanted this to be simple but with a twist. making the legs round seemed to be both. There are 9 that are 1 1/2" diameter by 6 1/2", 14 1/2", & 22 1/2". 3 of each. all of these were done with 2X4 ripped in half. I used scrap stuff but one stud new would make all of them plus the tiered leg. If you don't have 1X4, glue two 2X4's.

<p>great work</p>
<p>Great looking step stool!</p>
<p>wow!!!! that&quot;s all that and a bag of chips. Great job</p>
Nice job
<p>Very cool, great work!</p>
<p>This is beautiful work! When your daughter grows older, it can be used as a small shelving unit for toiletries, books, magazines, and &quot;multi-purpose paper&quot;. And if you have a family with younger cousins, you may have them using this - and their parents wanting one as well.</p>
<p>impressive design</p>
Great step stool! Do you know of a way to make one for an adult? I made a loft bed for myself but I need steps not a ladder to climb up. Any help would be greatly appreciated
<p>That's really cool! I really need to get into this kind of thing.</p>
<p>That is very clever and looks nice. I instantly thought dog step for our bed.</p>
<p>This is so clever and it looks great!</p>

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