Narsil - Isildur Sword (3D Print)


Introduction: Narsil - Isildur Sword (3D Print)

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With my 3D printer, the possibilities to making props are infinite. I'm a huge fan of Lord of the rings and I didn't want to print a whole sword, so I simply choose to print Narsil (the broken part). I found a 3d model of the whole sword on the internet but not with the "broken" part. So I had to modify it a little.

Step 1: Print the Parts

First, simply print the parts from my Thingiverse page (0.2mm layer and 15% infill). Here

Step 2: Sand

Next, sand all the parts (to make the surface smoother) except the handle. (Sorry, no pictures for this part. It is a pretty simple step)

Step 3: Wrap the Handle

You don't have to paint the handle because you will have to wrap it with electric tape. I think it add a nicer effect than painting it.

Step 4: Paint the Other Parts

Finally, I choose a Gray for the base part and a Chrome paint for the blade. (I found this image on internet, not related)

Step 5: Glue Everything

Final step, just glue everything together with hot glue.

Step 6: Final Result

An easy DIY project for everyone who likes Lord of the rings. It cost me almost nothing and it looks very good! Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

If you want to print the whole sword here is the link:

Thanks to Mieszko Lacinski from MyMiniFactory for the main model.
Whole sword

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    One of my close friends is a huge LoTR fan, she re-reads it every year. She would LOVE this!