Naruto Style Kunai - With Cereal Box + Wire





Introduction: Naruto Style Kunai - With Cereal Box + Wire

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How to make Kunai prop using cereal box & wire, even children can do it :)

have fun!

more project video on:

Step 1: Trace & Cut

  1. download & print PDF file from
  2. trace paper template onto cereal box, cut with scissor

Step 2: Fold & Glue

fold & glue, you can use any type of glue

Step 3: Adding Stick or Straw

insert a stick, you can use chopstick or drinking straw

Step 4: Making a Wire Ring

make a lollipop shape using wire, wrap it with masking tape

Step 5: Wrap It With Masking Tape, Papermache

  1. wrap ring & handle with masking tape,
  2. wrap it with newspaper & white glue (papermache)

Step 6: Paint

spray paint it metallic color, you can use brush & acrylic paint too

Step 7: Apply Glue on the Handle

  1. apply glue, i used rubber cement on the handle
  2. wrap it with any cloth fabric, leather or twine...

Step 8: Make As Many As You LIke :)

done! now you have some cool toy weapon, made of cereal box, this is fairly safe as a Halloween props. Now if you like this, VOTE for this & my others project :)



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    2 years ago

    Would it work with sheet metal


    2 years ago

    WOW that is so cool!!! im going to try it at my house :D

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    wait so you just cut out paper :/

    Its actually not Naruto style as that is how they were made by japanese in the past so naruto is histroically correct in the sense. Still though nice job mate!

    1 reply

    thanks for the info :)

    I saw this on Youtube when you uploaded it. It's simple, quick, and cheap to make and is still awesome definitely voting.

    2 replies