Naruto Style Kunai - With Cereal Box + Wire

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Introduction: Naruto Style Kunai - With Cereal Box + Wire

How to make Kunai prop using cereal box & wire, even children can do it :)

have fun!

more project video on:

Step 1: Trace & Cut

  1. download & print PDF file from
  2. trace paper template onto cereal box, cut with scissor

Step 2: Fold & Glue

fold & glue, you can use any type of glue

Step 3: Adding Stick or Straw

insert a stick, you can use chopstick or drinking straw

Step 4: Making a Wire Ring

make a lollipop shape using wire, wrap it with masking tape

Step 5: Wrap It With Masking Tape, Papermache

  1. wrap ring & handle with masking tape,
  2. wrap it with newspaper & white glue (papermache)

Step 6: Paint

spray paint it metallic color, you can use brush & acrylic paint too

Step 7: Apply Glue on the Handle

  1. apply glue, i used rubber cement on the handle
  2. wrap it with any cloth fabric, leather or twine...

Step 8: Make As Many As You LIke :)

done! now you have some cool toy weapon, made of cereal box, this is fairly safe as a Halloween props. Now if you like this, VOTE for this & my others project :)



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Would it work with sheet metal

WOW that is so cool!!! im going to try it at my house :D

have fun :)

wait so you just cut out paper :/

Its actually not Naruto style as that is how they were made by japanese in the past so naruto is histroically correct in the sense. Still though nice job mate!

thanks for the info :)

I saw this on Youtube when you uploaded it. It's simple, quick, and cheap to make and is still awesome definitely voting.