Nata (Japanese Small Machete/Mountain Knife)-Style Knife





Introduction: Nata (Japanese Small Machete/Mountain Knife)-Style Knife

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This is a quick Nata-style knife I made four days ago. I used stainless steel because I don't have anything other than that. Its not that good, I know, because I wasn't really serious in making this and the reason I made this is simply because I was bored. I know, the handle is a little too long for the blade, but as I said before the only reason I made this is because I was bored.

Well, enjoy! If you like the slideshow, rate it 5 please! Thanks.



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    I like Japanese perfection and patience and when it come to knifes they are masters, being bored and sharpening a piece steel hardly allows you to call your blade a "nata", a single edged forged blade thats very sharp.Thanks

    Nothing wrong with this knife... i like the sleek look to it and the long handle suits it somehow. Cool knife,thanks for posting.

    I think you made some valid points, but they are overshadowed by your butchery of the grammar.

    oh, yea but it would work on like soft plants or something wouldn't it? The joke was that the tanto cut through a plastic toy car engine by the way. =3 it's funny cos it's plastic...

    dude, i was joking about the tanto. and i was saying i think you could at least cut some things with that knife, carbon content won't affect a knife this small much.

    I'd like to know how you made the handle and how you made the blade. when you get a chance, please write down the instructions and send them to me. I'd greatly appreciate it.


    As far as "instructing" anyone on how to make this item, you get a ZERO. No list of materials, no step by step outline, and a lame idea to begin with. You basically sharpened a length of metal; I can sharpen a cow femur market to hold an edge. Edges make shanks, not knives. And if you are too lazy to explain your process, get off the site! thats what its all about here, "instructing" people how ya did it. Putz.

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    Dude, it's called a slideshow, not an I'ble. See, there are two types of documentations on this website, a slideshow and an I'ble. According to the I'bles team, an Instructable is:

    An Instructable is a step-by-step guide showing how you made or did something.

    While a slideshow is:

    Slideshows are for showing off photos of what you made or did, but don't have full instructions to create an Instructable with.

    You just got pwned, n00b. Don't come off as rude if you know almost zero I'bles knowledge. You're the putz.

    Thanks for the compliment. And I'm very sorry, but I'm too lazy to explain the process to somebody I don't know.

    5 stars, i would love to see an instructable of this, make it, and i will rate that 5 stars. btw, ur like 14, right? how do u get access to such tools as the coveted angle grinder?

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    Thanks! Sorry for the very late reply, I just got back from my school trip to China. How do I get access to such tools? Hmm.... My parents just really trust me, I guess.... I got like 8 Katanas, one Zweihander, god knows how many Nunchakus, a Dam Dao I smuggled from China (LOL), a crapload of knives, and a pair of steel tonfas, but my parents don't really give a dang :-P.

    Late reply, huh? u answered before i would expect anyone to. my mom wont let me keep any weapons at her house, but my dad only has one rule: ask me. we dont have a lot of awesome tools, but i can get by. thanks for actually replying.

    I would five star it, but the fact I cannot print it all out or save it to my computer makes this slidehsow useless. However, if you make it into instructables (or will) then I will give you five stars.