If you're a fan of the Uncharted video game series, Nathan Drake is a great costume for anyone. This is my female version of his outfit and can usually be created with clothing you probably already have!

Step 1: The Clothing

To look like Nathan Drake, you will need the following articles of clothing. The great thing about this costume is that many of these items are fairly generic. Don't have a henley shirt? A regular long sleeve shirt will do. Don't have brown boots? Black ones are fine too!

You will need:
-Long sleeve off-white henley shirt. Example style here.
-Cargo pants (can be olive green or even tan). Some suggestions here and here
-Basic brown belt
-Brown boots. Example style here.
<p>If Nathan Drake aint't a guy, I got some serious thinking to do...</p>
it's awesome! wow!
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How did you do the scarf?
I went to the fabric store and bought some blue plaid fabric (about half a yard). Then I just strategically wrapped it around my neck.
How much did you pay Kelly Hu to model it ? Nice outfit.
I'm in love!
TO MUCH HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing, I love the look! Kind of a sexy utilitarian.
Awesomely HOT!!!
Love it! That is a spot on costume!

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