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I have come to believe that commercially Christmas has lost its true meaning. Nowadays it's not about celebrating the birth of Jesus, it's about the filling up the tree with the brightest, gaudiest, most colourful ornaments you can find. This year, instead of piling on the tinsel, I decided to make some of my own ornaments with the focus being on the nativity.

Step 1: How to make nativity scene egg ornaments

Picture of How to make nativity scene egg ornaments
You will need:
Blown eggs (click for how to: http://www.home-dzine.co.za/crafts/craft-bloweggs.htm)
Plascon polvin acrylic paint or matt acrylic
Plascon GlazeCoat, ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer
Artists paintbrush
Hot glue gun and Glitter glue
Nylon line
Nativity scene (bottom of page) - See more at: http://www.home-dzine.co.za/crafts/craft-egg-orna...

1. Paint the eggs with Plascon Polvin. You will need to apply two to three coats.
2. While the paint dries, print out and cut out the nativity scenes.
3. Coat with a liberal layer of Plascon Glazecoat (ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer).
4. While still wet, place the image on top and apply more sealer with your paintbrush.
5. Use your fingertip to smooth out any air bubbles and creases.
6. Use a hot glue gun and glitter glue to attach the hangers.
krissyv1 year ago
So sweet! Love the images! Where in the world did you find them? I voted.
dezine (author)  krissyv1 year ago
I found the images on the internet and you can download them here... http://www.home-dzine.co.za/crafts/craft-egg-ornaments.htm
Kelly_C dezine1 year ago

I love what you did with on these ornaments!! Could provide a link to the site where you found images? Just because you find an image on the internet, it does not give one the right to use it. I would like to make some of these ornaments, but I do not want to violate the rights of the copyright owner. If they are royalty free, I would have no problems using them.

Kelly C

jams301 year ago
HollyMann1 year ago
Nice Job - those are beautiful!!!