Step 6: Creating the feather template 4

Draw in the feathers in each of your four sections making sure not to go past the top inch that was marked off earlier since you will be using the top edge to cut along a fold. Have fun with this step and play around with different shapes until you find one that you really love!
<p>Beautiful dress...</p>
Thank you so much for your post. I followed your steps and made fabulous owl wings!
<p>Approx how much material did you use in total? </p>
<p>I used these for part of my owl costume.. I will have to get you the photo</p>
I love these costumes! Thanks for sharing! :)
I love this! I'll wear it 24/7 and not just on Halloween! You should make an etsy and sell them ;)
I love this! I have looked literally for years for a pattern for wings like this!! Thanks! :)
Love these! <br>
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
I tried it! LOVE IT! THANK YOU!
Is the base fabric a triangle or a quarter circle?
Sorry for the late reply to your question! When making the wing base you want to start with a triangle, but after deciding the measurements you can change the hypotenuse of the triangle to be curved for a better wing shape.
This is a great project! It would be perfect for my daughter. She's only 1 right now and it wouldn't be to bulky and she could just wear a pair of footie pj's to stay warm on halloween. Thanks for the great idea!
I love these costumes... they reminded me of ond of the greatest films ever made? (LOL ? mark intentional) <br> <br>&quot;CONDORMAN&quot; <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1dOS012Ol0&amp;feature=related
Seriously, you two look like you had great time! Which is what good work is all about! <br>
Cool! Sewing is not my strong suit, this should help me get started!
You may change it into sorceress from he-man
Very nice. You could use these and make a bird costume from the Rio movie.
Me like!! Pretty colors... Looks like you two where having fun wearing this. Now fly!! =)
Just beautiful!
YAY! I love this costume! I'd love to see V2 with fiber optics or LEDs!!!!
wicked and beautiful, :)
What a cool costume idea! I'm having a very hard time not switching costumes with all these other wonderful ideas that I have seen on this website.
What a fantastic idea - love the colors. Those are gorgeous wings. :D

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