Disclaimer : This is not a cure. Always consult your physician or other health care professional for advice.

Step 1: The Items

1 lemon

1 lemon grass

A glass of lukewarm water

A humidifier


1 peeler

1 knife

1 pestle

1 cutting board

Step 2: The Lemon

Firstly, I peeled the lemon until I have a few strips of lemon skin.

Step 3: The Grass

Secondly, I used the pestle to crush the base of the lemon grass. Then, I removed the upper part with a knife.

Step 4: The Preparation

Next, I gathered the lemon peels and a part of crushed lemon grass in a small saucer, and removed all unrelated objects such as the cutting board, the peeler, the knife, and the pestle.

Step 5: The Fruit Punch

Then, I poured the lukewarm water into the humidifier reservoir. Next, I inserted the lemon peels and the crushed lemon grass. The aroma of the lemon and the grass will diffuse in the water.

Step 6: The Therapy

Lastly, I switch on the humidifier, and the room starts to smell nicer. I'm calm and relax.

I recommend you should try...

You skipped an important one. The smell of your teenager's room after they actually cleaned it. Lol.
You're absolutely correct about that. No doubt about it, the ultimate stress relief instructable! LOL

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