Ok so I’ve made a few changes, upgrades really, to the burner since my last post. I’ve pretty much revamped the whole thing hence the new instructable.

The basic concept behind this burner was to make the nozzle interchangeable so that the unit could work as both a forge burner and a foundry burner.

Essentially the unit breaks down into three parts: the fan mount (I used the one from my other burner), the mixing chamber, and the nozzle. When connecting all the peace be sure to use pipe dope or plumbers tape with the exception of the nozzle and fan attachment areas, as these will see the most ware from change out. if you choose to make the connection more permanent go ahead and use the dope or the tape.

Step 1: Parts

Similar to my other post you could find most of the parts at your local hardware store, such as HomeDepot or Lowes. The only thing you might have difficulty getting is a fan. I used the same fan from my other burner, but looking back you could probably get away with a hair dryer with the heating element removed.

Aside from a fan and a way to mount it, again see my other post. You’ll need the following

Mixing chamber
2”x10” nipple
2” coupling
½”@90 black elbow
2 - ½”x6” black nipple
½”-¼” reducer (we used brass)

2”-1 ½” reducer
1 ½”x18” nipple
1 ½”coupling
1 ½”x6” nipple
<p>Thank you, I appreciate the info. Lot of stuff out there on propane, but this is the only instruction on natural gas I have been able to find. I made up three nice burners like I have made for propane and all I got was a lazy curled up flame. I found an old variable speed forge fan and will try out a 1/4&quot; orifice in a pipe quick and dirty and see what happens.</p>
Yeah, that was my experience when i was trying to build mine. Figured others could learn from my xp, as poor as it was...Good luck building your. If makes any difference I'm able to get up to forge welding best with it.
<p>So, you increased the gas orifice hole size from 1/8&quot; to 1/4&quot; ? I have 1/8&quot; on mine now and it does not work well and I was just thinking about increasing it to 1/4&quot;. How long of flame does that give you?</p>
About 7&quot;
<p>so for a foundry heat source do you actually need a fan or will just the Venturi effect work?</p>
Sorry for the late rely, I'm sure you've got the info you need but the gas pressure is not enough to cause a Venturi, at least in my experience.
<p>How about those burner tip images!!??</p>
good post. i need more images for biogas burner for those burner who make 30 ltr of later hot in 4 min. <br>thanks
I'll upload images of the different nozzles as soon as I get a chance to take some.

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