Natural Homemade Air Freshener With Crepe Paper

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Introduction: Natural Homemade Air Freshener With Crepe Paper

Basic ingredients:

- Crepe paper
- Alcohol (Gin or Vodka)
- Essential oil (Lavender or other, up to you...)
- Wire
- little bottle in glass

Step 1: Create Your Flower From Crepe Paper

First: Make the rose with crepe paper (if u don't know how, u can google for it), use wire to keep things together....

Step 2: Final Result

Next, add alcohol in little bottle (e.g.: little unused lotion bottle) preferably in glass, and then add few drops of essential oil, mix together....

Finally, add your little flower made from crepe paper,,, this will absorb slowly the alcohol and refresh naturally your room with the perfume of your essential oil....



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    Aromas have the capacity to stir strong emotion, be it good or bad. Before you spend a great deal of cash on air fresheners intended to improve your mood, think about affordable, natural alternatives. Here are a few natural air fresheners that you more than likely already have hanging out around the house. Check it here: DIY natural air fresheners: Smell great, save great (Pt. 1)

    nice Idea !