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Introduction: Natural Remedy for Dogs & Fleas

Hello, My name is Victoria. First time doing this, but I'm doing it for the pooches out there. If your using the stuff you buy from your vet(advantage and all those flea potions out there), Please STOP, they are not good for your dogs or cats for that matter. Research it for yourself don't take my word for it. I have been using this remedy for about 5 years now on my dogs and cats, and it's awesome:):) This is going to be short because there are only 2 ingredients. You can also use to bath the pooches in:) Here it goes:Buy some organic coconut oil(I buy the big container because it lasts longer, usually on E-Bay)

Buy some Texas Cedar Oil(you can only purchase the true oil over the internet)

When you've purchased both these items, Take a small scoop(just enough to oil your dog down) of the organic coconut oil, drop two drops of cedar oil onto the coconut oil, rub your hands together over the top of your dog(this is to melt it in your hands). Then rub your dog down with it, from head to toe, in their ears, toes, bellies and so on. You get the idea. Give that dog a massage, all over their body:):) At first your pooch may not like it, but believe me they will eventually come to you to have it done. I usually do it after they eat in the am, then give them a treat for being so good and waiting their turn. They smell like a puppy tree. This repels all bugs even bees, they don't like cedar oil. I also put cedar chips in their dog beds and it keeps all the critters out. I have no fleas in my house either. This also conditions your dogs coat and skin(bonus):):) The other way to use the cedar oil is to mix 1/8th cup of cedar oil with a 15oz bottle of baby shampoo(any kind is fine), and bathe them in your mixture. I have only purchased the cedar oil 1 time, it last a long time due to you only use a few drops each time and I use it on both dogs every day less in the winter, about 1 time a week. I only bath them 1 time a month. People this REALLY does work and it will save you a lot of money, and the best part is it won't harm your dog:):):) it only helps them :):):)



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    WOW! people make up the weirdest things after reading something. I don't believe I advised anyone to use car oil on their dogs. That would kill your dog. I eat the organic coconut oil and use as a skin conditioner, as well as the cedar oil. If I can use on myself for years and eat, then it's ABSOLUTELY safe for my family dogs. Prove I'm wrong, then I might listen to the rambling.

    Natural or not, what is safe for humans does NOT mean it is safe for dogs. Cedar is poisonous to dogs.

    CEDAR CHIPS ARE POISONOUS TO DOGS!! Do not use this method on animals. The scent cedar gives off is poisonous to dogs.

    This is a classic example of the potential danger of the Internet. Products like Advantage, Sentinel and Revolution were developed and tested, and underwent extensive field trials over many years, before being made available for general use in pets. They have revolutionized the treatment and prevention of flea infestations. What you are suggesting - 'research it for yourself don't take my word for it' - is ludicrous. Searching the Internet or 'Googling' is not, and never will be, 'research'. Research is conducted in a scientific manner with control groups and detailed scientific evaluation and measurement. And an individual stating they tried something and it worked great is proof of nothing, other than that in that one instance something good happened. As a veterinarian with 33 years in practice, I have seen countless so called natural remedies fail time and time again. I have also seen the fantastic results from safe, properly tested products like Advantage and Sentinel in controlling and preventing flea infestations. I guess we believe what we chose to believe. But be careful before you accept what an unknown individual on the Internet tells you without any references or real proof.

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    Dear Chris m416 I don't know if you are a vet or not you are saying not to believe what this lady is saying because you like all vets get a kick back on all these flea remedies from Advantage and the rest if that container says do not get in eyes or any other place that can cause you to have a reaction is not good for my dog either. I use Dawn dish liquid and it works you can also spray your yard and it will control the ticks and fleas.

    Watch the you tube video and the VET in the video will explain it to you:)

    I'm a believer in what I use due to the results of my own testing. If you want to be stuck on my comment "research it yourself don't take my word for it" as the only thing you could take from my instructable and call me names (ludicrous), your not using the "be nice" comment policy. Maybe you don't like this home remedy because it will save an owner a lot of money in the long run. Maybe you have stock in some of these poisons (I believe and have seen results of them being a poison for my animals). I believe what I use is far more beneficial for my animals then what any vet working or retired would advise. This is why it is under HOME REMEDIES for a reason:) Happy Easter to YOU:):)

    My intention was never to insult or not 'be nice' so I apologize if it came across that way catlynn . It's just that I have difficulty with statements that promote one opinion while condemning a well respected option, without anything other than anecdotal evidence to back them up. To call safe and well tested products like Advantage and Revolution poisons is inaccurate and inflammatory, especially in light of the millions of doses of these products that have been used to safely and effectively rid pets and homes of flea infestations. And consider the fact that the IGR (insect growth regulator) in Sentinel is used in drinking water reservoirs in some countries to prevent mosquito development - so people drink it safely.

    As an employed small animal veterinarian who earns a flat rate salary I certainly have no vested interest in dispensing these or similar products. But I do prescribe them, and use them in my own pets, because they have proven to be so safe and effective.

    When I graduated 33 years ago and began practicing, I had no choice but to use and dispense potentially toxic flea products (sprays, powders, shampoos, etc.) containing older insecticides, because that was all that was available. But newer flea control products work far better, are much easier to use, and as I stated are very safe. They are so effective because they not only kill adult fleas, but also inhibit the development of the immature stages of the flea. This is important to know because Less than 5% of fleas in a typical infestation are in the adult stage - the remainder are in the pupal, larval or egg stages. So the adult fleas on your pets are really just 'the tip of the iceberg'. All life stages must be killed or inactivated for flea control to be effective.

    I'm sure the solution you are applying to your dogs is as effective as you say, but in a true flea infestation it is unlikely to be successful. Hopefully you will never have to deal with that though. I wish you and your pets good health.

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    I accept your apology. This is a home remedy and received this information from friends who are in different fields of animal treatment and breeding, who have used this natural method without any additives to either ingredient for years. And just found out about it as recently as 6 years ago. As for the so called safe flea control out there that has been tested scientifically, these type of studies have been lop sided for many years. Who ever has interest in the study and will benefit from it is the way the study is usually directed. The FDA allows all types of meds on the market without ANY testing, due to the pharmaceutical company's owning them, not made up, is a fact. And flea infestation, had that 6 years ago and haven't had since using the home remedy that is all natural and no additives:):) My dogs and cats are healthy and beautiful. I am told that all the time when I walk them. Then that gives me a chance to save another dog owner some money and use something natural that will not only keep all bugs/fleas away but will give their dog beautiful hair and skin. So don't worry about me having any flea infestations, and If I do get any it will be due to me being lazy to oil my dogs down, but that won't happen:):)

    I could not find any compelling nor scientific evidence to back up the fact that these products are dangerous to animals, other than if you use them incorrectly. Could you please provide links or evidence is to the contrary? Thank you.

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    Please watch this video, free on you tube:
    Also I have owned cats and dogs my whole life, am 53, could never get rid of all the fleas. My Daisy lost her hair on her back bottom all around her tail area and on her tail, took her to the vet(new one who believes in using natural remedies 1st) told me to stop using what I was using due to it was also irritating her skin(I was using advantage and it was bleeding, and no it wasn't mange). I started using this remedy and it cleared up in 2 weeks(oiled her down every day). Haven't had any skin problems since, this year will be 6 years. If chemicals and pesticides are not good for us then they are not good for my dog. Read labels before you buy is a good rule:)