Natural Stone Edging





Introduction: Natural Stone Edging

Using Imperial River Rock, landscape edge, and block adhesive we took a weekend to do our own landscape edging at a cost of $5/foot.

Rubber Mallet
Caulk Gun

Imperial River Rock
Landscape Block Adhesive
Landscape Lawn Edging

Stealthflow Low Profile Downspout Extension

Cost calculation/area covered:
1 bag Imperial River Rock + 1 tube 10oz Landscape Block Adhesive = 5 feet of edging

Lesson Learned:
Opt in for the 28oz Landscape Block Adhesive. It's more cost effective.

Step 1: Tools and Material

We found our materials at Home Depot but for tools there is no preference as long as they work.

Landscape Lawn Edge
We used the brown colored composite edging. You can choose another brand as long as the edging is driven into the ground. "No dig" edging will not be able to handle the weight of the Rock and will move.

Landscape Lawn edging acts as your foundation:
1. Your pre-designed path will be easier to follow.
2. The uneven ground will not affect the levelness when stacking the stone against your strip.
3. Loose Rock will be bound to a stable strip

Imperial River Rock
Using the Cost equation, take your project length divided by 5 for the total number of bags of Rock required.

Landscape Block Adhesive
Approximately 10oz of Landscape Block Adhesive will bind 5 feet of Rock along your edging.

This will trace your path along the edge for your Landscape Lawn Edge

To drive your Landscape Lawn Edge into the ground

Caulk Gun
For the Landscape Block Adhesive

Step 2: Edging

Trace your edge with the Edger hand tool. Along the way widen the gap for ease of the Landscape Lawn Edge to enter the ground.

The brand pictured had a green line as a depth gauge. Instead we used it as a guide to level on our uneven lawn. Our soil is pitched away from the house so the edge acted as a leveler to keep the Rock level instead of following the landscape.

*This is not required since natural stone is not meant to look unnaturally straight.

Step 3: Stone Laying

*Tip: Begin stone laying on the least visible portion of your edging as you develop your technique with stone placement and adhesive. Once the adhesive cures, it become difficult to remove.

*Tip: Use one bag at a time to prevent overuse of the same sized Rock. Crossover is okay but you will find yourself using up all the big ones first.

Start with the larger stones to act as your base. Line both sides of the Landscape Lawn Edge with the first bag of Rock
*No adhesive is required yet.

Apply the adhesive to your medium sized rocks and stack onto the base Rock. Focus on binding the stones to one another as their irregular surface need the most attention. The smaller rocks are used to cover gaps and length for the irregular heights of your landscape.

Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours.

Step 4: Optional: Downspout

If you have concern with the downspout along the newly placed edging, consider the Stealthflow Low Profile Downspout. It can be concealed below the mulch and does not disturb the line of your edging.

Follow the package directions when installing the downspout.

Cut out the portion of the Landscape Lawn Edge where the downspout will pass. When staking the stone follow the same laying principals over the top of the downspout. You find a very discreet downspout while maintaining the desired natural stone edging look.



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    9 Discussions

    Great Job! Would you have used the same adhesive again, or a different one to blend in better?

    This looks very nice. Much more interesting than prefab edging. It really draws the eye to take a second or third look. This would also keep children from borrowing the rocks for their own build or in my case ending up banging around in the washer.

    Looks great - easy to understand! What manufacturer of 28oz Landscape Block Adhesive did you use, and, did it dry clear, if not what color? Thanks.

    1 reply

    We used Loctite brand of Landscape Block Adhesive because it was at the same store. We could only find the stone at Home Depot. I would imagine any brand is fine. It does not dry clear but tan. You really see it if you are looking for it. Otherwise it blends well with the rock. Also, 10oz of adhesive will give you 5 ft of edge, 28oz should be closer to 15ft.

    You have done a great and creative job. It looks so nice to have clear area divisions in landscaping. Great on you!


    1 year ago

    You just added beautiful charm in your garden . SIMPLY AMAZING :)


    1 year ago

    It look very nice. I do our lawn and it gets lots of complement as well. I have one question for your edging. How is it when it is time to cut grass and make a nice clean cut around those rocks. Because I can see it being really interesting using a weed eater type string trimmer. IDK.

    1 reply

    I appreciate it. Unfortunately for us our grass hasn't been growing in thick. I mow around as usually and use the weed eater as usual. Hasn't been too bad.

    Awesome! Looks pretty nice.