This instructable  is made of natural twigs from the woods and with the stuffs I had at home.A very useful lamp for the long nights in the cold weather.It is hiding  in one of my plants in the living room,giving a good glow of light in the darkness.

Step 1: Gathering Twigs

Thanks to my  neighbor  who helped me to cut some twigs in the woods.It doesn't matter what type of twigs you choose. It need not be in exact size too..There were thick and thin twigs. Now that it is wet and cold,it was difficult to find very dried twigs.Some of them were half dried. We spent around an hour looking for it and managed to cut what we wanted.
Perfect for this time of year ... its a wonderful idea to decorate for Halloween &amp; im sure other occasions as well <br>
A very creative idea! <br>
It sure glows beautifully...thanks...i'm going to try it
I love this idea.. gives a really cozy feel to a room.. Great alternative to ordinary decorative candles!
i like ....so i vote :-)
i like this :-)
Good idea,it quet well done
Oh that is so cute :-)

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