Natural Dog Shampoo





Introduction: Natural Dog Shampoo

You don't have time to buy some dog shampoo in the pet shop?
why spend your money on chemically made dog shmpoo when you can make a natural shampoo for your dog and save more.

Step 1:


Dishwashing soap 
Fresh Lemon 

Step 2:

Now mix the dishwashing soap and conditioner in the mixing bowl

and put lemon zest and lime zest in the mixture

stir continuously 

now your shampoo is done and ready for use

and on the other side you can make some natural dog shampoo and sell it 
just put it in some decent bottles and you can sell some dog shampoos

Step 3:



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    10 Discussions

    It seems to me that using dish washing soap may not be considered "natural" as your title suggests. But thanks for this info anyway.

    I'm sorry about some grammatical and spelling errors :D I'm not really good at english I'm a filipino
    thanks anyway

    Not technically. Fur is more than 1 hair per follicle. We have one hair per follicle, so we have hair. Dogs can have 2-8, so have fur

    This needs a little work. I would delete the last step, and make it a bit more wordy. Also, there is a few spelling and grammatical errors. I would suggest adding a step about bathing the dog with it. Also, adding a few more pictures in it would be better. Good instructable idea though!!