Picture of Natural wood log bench
This is a 1-2 day quick bench that can be left outdoors as a piece of outdoor furniture or can be brought inside for a rustic or natural piece of functional furniture. I got the idea from a smaller version that was intended as a foot rest in front of a cozy chair in a log cabin. Send pictures of your finished bench or other piece of furniture using this same method.
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Safety Glasses
Chainsaw or other saw beefy enough to cut a log to length.
1”drill bit
Pipe wrench (optional)
Wood Glue
(1) Log  - 6inches diameter minimum, 3 feet long
(4) 2 inch diameter sticks for legs , 1.5 feet long

Step 2: Cut log and legs to length

Picture of Cut log and legs to length
Be sure to follow the safety procedures in your chainsaw manual so you don’t lose any limbs, these benches are nice but they shouldn’t cost an arm or a leg.
Find a straight section of a log long enough to be a bench. The length doesn’t need to be exact, but should be long enough for two people to sit on with a little extra between them and on each end. You could extend the design for three people, but if you do, I’d recommend adding two more legs in the middle for extra support. If you use a log with a larger diameter, you should increase the diameter of the supports and drill holes.
(1) Log  - 6inches diameter minimum, 3 feet long
(4) 2 inch diameter sticks for legs , 1.5 feet long

Step 3: Drill holes for legs

Picture of Drill holes for legs
Remove any bark from the bench log. Choose which side of the log you want to sit on. It may not matter depending on the log, but you don’t want any large knots or bumps where people will sit.
Brace the log and mark a straight line down the length of the log on what will be the bottom of the bench. Drill holes six inches from the ends of the log at least two inches deep straight toward the core of the log. Rotate the log 60 degrees and drill two more holes as before.
Nice work, and thanks for the share.