This is a 1-2 day quick bench that can be left outdoors as a piece of outdoor furniture or can be brought inside for a rustic or natural piece of functional furniture. I got the idea from a smaller version that was intended as a foot rest in front of a cozy chair in a log cabin. Send pictures of your finished bench or other piece of furniture using this same method.

Step 1: Tools

Safety Glasses
Chainsaw or other saw beefy enough to cut a log to length.
1”drill bit
Pipe wrench (optional)
Wood Glue
(1) Log  - 6inches diameter minimum, 3 feet long
(4) 2 inch diameter sticks for legs , 1.5 feet long
<p>If you can wait a little I might suggest using a green log and dry legs Make the holes a little oblong across the grain to prevent the log splitting when it dries tight around the legs and you would need not use any fasteners or glue at all</p><p>incle frogy</p>
Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I was using old downed trees for the main bench piece so there was no shrinkage there.
Nice work, and thanks for the share.

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