Is there a way to document the beauty of nature within the limited frame of a camera lens? Although the true essence of nature includes using more than just your sense of sight, you have to create a picture that truly is worth a thousand words. To do this, you must put creativity into your photographs. Whether it is using shadowing, filters, or different angles, the picture shows a different outlook on nature.There are multiple concepts I will discuss with you, but the first is all about angles. 

Step 1: All About Angles

As seen in the picture above, ordinary grass can be shown in a different point of view by putting your camera on the ground at an angle. It will make it look like you are a small animal or an ant, winding through the jungle-like grass.
what editing software are you using on these?
I simply use Instagram or another app, Vintique, although sometimes I don't use any at all.

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