Introduction: Raw Green Tripe Diet for Healthier Dogs and Cats. BARF Feed Natural

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Natures Raw Super Foods For Dogs. BARF = Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Not a Dribble Of Kibble In Sight!
Recommended by top breeders, Raw Green Tripe is your dog's best friend ! It will restore vitality, improve coat and skin conditions, maintain muscles and bone, supply energy and stamina and help you to avoid veterinarian costs. A growing puppy fed on a raw tripe diet will develop strong muscles, bone and teeth along with satisfied contentment. Your puppy will produce less bulky stools because raw meat is more readily digestible. The tripe will supply a well balanced range of nutrients and minerals and enzymes along with beneficial gut bacteria, effectively natures own pro-biotic delivering and maintaining health and vitality for your best friend.

We mix cooked and raw vegetables, occasional boiled seaweed, raw oats soaked in a little milk, vegetable oils, raw and cooked eggs, a little oily fish from time to time.

Step 1: Natures Super Food for Dogs and Cats. BARF Feed Natural Raw Green Tripe Diet for Healthier Dogs


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