Naughty or Nice? : Gift Tag and Gift Card Holder




Introduction: Naughty or Nice? : Gift Tag and Gift Card Holder

About: Sandy Ang, a paper crafter from sunny, little Singapore.

My first stamping project is this Christmas gift tag and matching gift card holder.  I used an almost monochromatic palette. Interest is generated through the play of textures - paper, ink, metal and ribbon.   

Step 1: Stamp Set

I inked up my Inkadinkado Christmas stamps in Black

Step 2: Background Stamping

Randomly stamped on a piece of 2.5"x3" paper

Step 3: Foreground Stamping

Inked up again in Bamboo, stamped and cut out 2 smaller pieces

Step 4: Tag Assembly

Assembled the smaller pieces on top and glued on two metal charms

Step 5: Add Ribbon

Glued onto a tag and tied on some ribbons

Step 6: Holder Template

Cut out this template from a 5.5"x 3.5" paper. Each smaller tab is 0.25" wide. Apply glue on 2 tabs indicated

Step 7: Holder Assembly

Assemble into a holder with holes in the front and back for the handle

Step 8: Holder Handle

Use brads to secure a 0.5"x4" handle to the holder

Step 9: Attach Charms

Use jump rings to attach charms to a chain and secure around the handle

Step 10: Completed Project

And there you have it a completed gift tag sitting pretty in it's gift card holder.



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