Lingerie takes very little fabric....but costs sooo much! Why is that?
Perhaps it's because we are too embarrassed to make our own? It was kind of difficult for me as...I had to go to my mom's to dig up for left over fabric, lace and her machine.
I had a time answering all the questions from everyone...specially my mom's helpers...while sewing the frills for the top...I said it was a valentine pillow! haha
I know....you must be wondering why all the fuss...well...I come from a very very conservative society!
such attire publicly displayed publicly is considered scandalous :-D...not that the younge generation don't wear them....we do wear them..and plenty more...displayed only for our husbands ;-) to keep up the spice as long as we can..after all....we strongly believe in ' till death do us part!'

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Gather your eti biti fabric and lace.
soft satin or silk will do and matching lace about 1.5" - 2" wide
elastic and basic sewing skills
if you cant handle a machine.... you could always sew by hand

Very cute! One of these days I'll actually try this - I've been wanting to forever. :D
Good for you! You go girl ;-)

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