Step 2: Wings

Here is a basic shape for each wing (see picture). Simply cut it out of carboard. I racommend using white cardboard, which I had no access to. Then draw a wing pattern on them. 
HEY! LISTEN! I have an instructable about how to make navi to! <br>Check it out! &lt;:^) &lt;--- Link face
Ah! I love this! My daughter's name is Navi! Good work!
That's an epic name! Did you name her that deliberately after the Legend of Zelda? Or just coz it sounded cool?<br><br>Cool instructable, you have inspired a new idea for me......
Both. My husband is a big fan of Zelda. We also say her name is short for navigation.
you and your husband rock
you and your husband rock
teehee :)
HEY!! HEY!!! HEY!!1 LISTEN!!! IM GOING TO ANNOY YOUR TILL YOU SMASH ME LOL.<br> nice work though<br>
cool, i'mgoing to use a small bouncy ball though. I think of navi being small. but cool instructable

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