Navy SEAL Workout Series (7 of 10): Sports Flexibility


Introduction: Navy SEAL Workout Series (7 of 10): Sports Flexibility

Increased flexibility is a key component to a total fitness program. So no matter if you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior,
Take your work out to the next level.



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    As a former gymnast, and one who was especially flexible at that, I always find it ... amusing ... what passes for "stretching" in more mainstream sports. But this wasn't a bad set of exercises and advice; just a bit limited (on a lazy day, we'd spend an hour stretching and warming up. The guy was funny, though; it looked like he could almost touch his ankles! On a good day, I could touch my toes with my elbows...

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    So do an instructable on flexibility as could just be negative. Your call.
    I'm pretty inflexible and would love some assistance, you being a prior gymnast I'd appreciate it.

    Actually, I'm not sure how to design a stretching routine for the truly inflexible. It would be ... odd. Gymnastics self-selects for the people who already have a fair amount of flexibility, so gymnastics stretches aren't necessarily good for people starting with poor flexibility.

    As I said initially, this video is a pretty good start...

    I guess "WAS a pretty good start." It doesn't seem to be available any more...

    I'd still put my money on a Seal over a gymnast any day of the week ; )

    To do what? Point taken, in a fight; I don't think they'll be posting the "how to kill people" videos :-) OTOH, I don't see a lot of Seals in ANY Olympic events... (BTW, IIRC, West Point and Annapolis used to have pretty good gymnastics teams, so it's not like it's impossible to combine military training with gymnastics ability...) (The videos are back!)

    hey westfw how can you watch this vid dude... it says its no longer available...

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    Huh. Interesting. Wonder what happened?

    Put your right foot behind your left ear...