Picture of Navy Seals Ab Workout
This is a great ab workout I found on the internet and thought I would share it on here. First id like to say that just doing this exercise wont get you a six pack. Not that its not a good exercise but to get a good pack you need to burn off all the fat that lies on top of them. Eating right, running or biking is a great way to burn unneeded fat. This isn't a speed workout, take it slowly to get the best results, the whole workout should take about 5-10 minutes. Also, this is very important, just because you've been working out does not mean you can eat that donut or those cookies, eat healthy!
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Step 1: Preparing

Picture of Preparing
Before any workout you should make sure you're well hydrated and have et. Working out on an empty  stomach or while dehydrated is unhealthy and does you no good. However don't over eat and drink to much before, just a small snack and about 8oz of water depending on your workout.

It's also very important to do some stretches before you work out, stretching loosens your muscles so you don't pull anything while exercising.

Step 2: Crunches

Picture of Crunches
-15 reps

For the entire workout you'll need to keep you legs at a 90 degree angle, parallel to the floor, and do not let drop. To preform a crunch place your hands on the back of your head pull your upper body up to your legs and back down. try to focus on squeezing your abs as you go up, and keeping your legs from moving.

Step 3: Rocking Chairs

Picture of Rocking Chairs
Rocking chairs
-15 reps

To preform the rocking chair exercise start with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle with your feet on the floor, and place your hands under your butt. Then, keeping your legs at a 90 degree angle, pull them up to your chest and then back down to the floor. This is one repetition. 
Richybill1 year ago
Will it tone your upper back?
Emsaid (author)  Richybill1 year ago
Sadly, no it will not. I may post a few more ibles about weight lifting and exercising though.
Even though this simple workout only strengthens your core, your core muscles are some of your most important muscles (thats what I believe!). They are responsible for keeping you stable and they come into play in every single lift or exercise. Have a strong core and all your exercising will be much easier and you'll be less prone to injury.
Breygon1 year ago
nice without - I need to get back into my exercises. a really good book for this kind of thing is "the official British army fitness guide" ISBN 978-0-85265-118-6.
This workout is harder without bending your legs.
Should i start this, i want to lose my weight too, now my weight is 94 kg and i want to drop it up to 70-75 kgs.
Emsaid (author)  ronakasolanki2 years ago
Absolutely! However, it will probably take more than this to lose that weight. Running, biking or other cardio workout outs along with eating right are the best ways to lose weight. the most important thing though is to stick with whatever you do and not give up! then you will see results.
1. Those are HEALTHY?!?!?! This should be easy.:)
2. I have that same glass in step 1. Just sayin':)
JohnJY3 years ago
How long did it take you to see results?
Emsaid (author)  JohnJY3 years ago
it took a couple days to feel results but maybe a week or so to see results
ericocean 's right..
the hands behind the neck causes a lot of strain..i used to do it initially, then changed the position with my fingertips just touching (mostly not) my sideburns..

oh and please do mention the lower back strengthening exercises to be done with the ab routine, now we dont want any over enthusiastic youngster having slipped discs right.
Emsaid (author)  jayeshshinai3 years ago
like i said before this is just an ab work out, i dont just do this one every day
ericocean3 years ago
Nice variation of abs exercises. Add the plank and side plank to it for 1 to 2 minutes and you have a pretty complete set. One word of caution though: it is best not to put you hands behind your head when training abs, because of the tendency to pull your head and put strain on your neck. Better rest your fingertips on your temples and visualize an imaginary elastic band between your shoulders and your navel (belly button), which shortens and lengthens as you do your crunches So don't try to bring your head up, but rather the shoulders.
Be proud of that 6pack as a representation of a healthy life style!
Not a six pack.
Emsaid (author)  snowluck23453 years ago
its a work in progress
Emsaid (author)  ericocean3 years ago
Thanks! I usually do other exercises as well and just wanted to show this one. Haven't had a problem with my neck (yet!) but I think I should change that part of the exercise for other peoples sake.
Those excersises are pretty good, but you should try v ups, hollow holds, and arch holds, and hollow and arch rocks. Whenever you do excersise on your stomach or chest, workout you back equally.