Navy SEAL Workout Series (1 of 10): the Need for Speed


Introduction: Navy SEAL Workout Series (1 of 10): the Need for Speed

The Navy SEALs workout will improve your speed & agility with any sport you're playing.
No matter if you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior,
Take your workout to the next level.



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    okay, is it just me or do none of the vids in this series work anymore? time to take them down?

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    You'll find that videos 1, 2, 4, 5 are back and running. I've also added a new video, #8. The rest should be updated soon. Apologies for the long delay!

    7 years and it still non-functional. =(

    ive tried watching 1 2 4 and 5 they all say "This video is private" do you think you could re-fix it?

    This is neat with exercising, but for some reason I get the sneaking sensation this is a mild recruiting ploy. Then again maybe it's all the garbage recruitment mail I get in my box.

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    For a group like the SEALs, you don't suddenly decide your gonna be a SEAL. If you are fit enough to be a SEAL, you're not using these videos.

    Seems to me that the SeALs were originally a pretty hush-hush group, which was a big plus for them. Suddenly there are hundreds of books, TV shows and now instructables publishing what their enemies should never know. How can you call this responsible?

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    After so many years, most information is declassified, not all but most.

    The enemy may even know how you train, he still doesn't really know how you fight. Especially when you use the element of surprise. Dirty tricks is the key... and I think the U.S. Navy SeALs would have alot of them.

    Each Navy Seal workout video I've tried displays, "This video is private."

    i needed the hill running thing. my school has the steepest hill EVER. thanks

    The guys arms are crossing, and he's swimming straight-arm.

    0:38, this guy can't swim properly

    professional actors not included

    Interesting... A little bizarre to say the least... USN posting training "Youtube" vids on Instructibles... ??

    Whoa is this the real Navy posting this? o.0

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    Apparently it is (I PMed and asked).

    I don't plan on going into the Navy, but I have to admit that there are a couple of good tips in there. Swimming downhill is a new concept for me.