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Introduction: Nayan's Intelligent Speed Breaker

speed breaker

A dream of traveling without heardels
A Mechanism to enhance safety

Origin of Idea
I got this idea while I was on a tour with my mother to Mangalore. On this occasion, my mother      got a head injury due to bumping of our vehicle into a Fixed Speed Breaker. This leads to a series of thoughts on avoiding problems faced by vehicles due to Speed Breakers.

Then I have started discussing with my father  he started working out the different ideas like rubber tube based flexible speed breaking mechanism automatic speed governing mechanisms etc

In these designs, the shape of the speed breaker changes automatically i.e. it becomes flat when the Speed Breaker is not required, and takes the shape of a curve,  when the Speed Breaker is needed.
My designs facilitate to have different speed humps according our needs at same position Vehicles speed can be reduced by installing specially designed system which when comes near humps activates.

Future Expansion 
I would like to reach to control the vehicle speed without speed breakers

        This project was designed By Kum. Nayan Shirolkar            
(9 th std State English medium)  
under the Guidance of Prof.Ravindra Shirolkar
These project was selected for IRIS national science fair
&these project is not been implimented all accrose the world



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    The idea behind it is a good one, but in application I agree with mettaurlover. The only speed limits I know of that are daytime-dependant are on highways (at least in Germany), and they are either meant to reduce noise at night or the risk of accidents during rush hour. But I have never seen speed bumps on highways, and I hope I never will ;).

     You should be showing us something that you have actually made.
    - When is the Speed Breaker is not required / is needed?


    Several reasons this isn't going to happen-one, it's much harder to maintain than a lump of asphalt on the road. Two, it's more expensive to install. Three, the entire purpose of speed bumps is to force you to slow down, regardless of time of day, even more so at night when you have to look harder for people or animals.