Picture of Nazgul Mask for $15-20
A low or no-budget alternative to Halloween costuming.

Hi there. Some of my students have requested that I start posting walk-through instructions on the props I build, and I agreed it was a decent idea. Many will be a low-budget opportunity to make a cool mask or costume, and some will be more in-depth, costly and professional.

This is a quick, 2-hour project I pieced together for one of my students who requested a Nazgul King mask for a production he was working on.

Note: This mask is not intended to be a replica of the Nazgul King's. In fact, it's missing the spikes, and the metal horn from the middle nose point does not extend nearly 1 foot off the forehead as it does in the movie.

This is a low-budget, cool project. We could make the real one, but I don't have enough time working on my halloween project to crank out such a thing simultaneously!

That being said, don't be disappointed at it's simplicity.

Also, all the Lord of the RIngs images/characters are property of their respective creative owners, etc.

Here goes!

Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
You should be able to find most of these tools lying around the house. If you do not own a Dremel tool, you should go buy one. A $20 investment on a cheap, single-speed Dremel can result in years of prop-making and costuming opportunity.

From Left-Right:

Rubber Mallet (Regular hammer works too, but not as well)

Hot glue gun + extra glue

Sharpie (Felt tip pen)

Dremel tool (Cut off blades and sanders)

Plumber's Goop - Though I reccommend this particular brand, any superglue will work. This happens to be a great, gooey gel that will hold wood to metal to anything imaginable. Easily worth it to buy a bunch.

Tape measure

Scissors (not pictured, too lazy)

Also, get some paper (Not pictured. You know what it looks like, though, right?)

rustam2038 months ago

looking nice much appreaciate

this is awesome
redcomet0024 years ago
wouldn't screen from a screen door be a better choice as far as visibilty, plus you can get it in black
i personally like the paint drawings they help cause they are so simple and easy to read
Yo lotr is my favorite movie/book trioligy. I love when Gandalf the white fights the which king and he says "You shall not deafeat me gandalf the white"
Brobostos5 years ago
Regarding the metal sheet....
I have gotten giant thin pieces of metal "just" like this from printing companies.
They use it for offset printing and usualy use 4 or 5 per picture they print.
Anyway, they use them only once and throw them away later (or send back for recycling).
So if youre nice and ask them you can get a bunch of giant metal pieces for free.

They are a little soft, but i've made low budget armours and helmets of them before so it should work.

RanDUM5 years ago
 Awesome mask man. Many ideas have popped into my head from this.
Nice.  I love LOTR.
Bartboy5 years ago
 This. Is. Epic.
You have tons of talent.
Some other LOTR Instructables would be greatly appreciated.
Nazgul is slang for dazCool, is in that Nazgul mask is so dazcool!  Yes/No? sound funnier in my head, aw well.  Nice work!
red-king5 years ago
this is awesome!
LoneRanger8 years ago
Good job! Might I ask what Nazgul is?
Nazgul is the witch-King in Lord of the rings.
J-Fly Yukut8 years ago
no. nazgul is the term that applies to all the nine kings of men that were given rings made by sauron. the witch king has the sweetest mask of all of them, the rest just have this one. or one similar.
hg341 J-Fly6 years ago
nazgul means witch king... but you are still rightthey all are witch kings
Yukut J-Fly8 years ago
Looks like somebody is obssessed with LOTR.
J-Fly Yukut8 years ago
haha not obsessed, but i know my stuff.
occoo5666 J-Fly8 years ago
ya paint it black if you actually wanna look like wringraith
The Nazgul didn't have black masks, they wore black hoods, and the Witch King wore this mask over his hood. Nice instructable, I'm gonna mkae mine tomorrow if I get the chance.
Nazgul do not have faces. Should have filled in the face piece with some more black cloth to make it look like nothing is there.
hg3416 years ago
well this look really nicebetter then anything i could do!
Remember.. "No Man Can Kill A Nazgul!"
well now that f!@#ing sexist!!!
  • girly voice "I'm no man!"
hey the magical duct tape kid, ima big fan
Thanks Man... Glad to put some ~~ junk ~~, I mean, knowledge into your brain!
heh heh thanks
this could definitely be used for the WoW lich king helmet. it's awesome!
Nice :D Too bad this wasn't here a few years ago when I made my Nasgul robe.
7685906 years ago
I like it! im gonna achilles for holloween, and I could probobly use this. Thanx a lot Drakz!
redrogue can you show us some photos of your witch king armor
Zetheros7 years ago
it's ok, but I made a whole suit of witchking armor for less then 30$
whoever7 years ago
You should make the rest of his suit i know there is no good scene of him in the movie exept for when the girl kills em.
He He I need to get one to look respectable for my new project
Project Black Mask
Thats pretty cool. I wish more people posted costume stuff on here. *ding* Idea!
Stopherham8 years ago
This mask is much better in person than the images here. I have seen it personally and watched it evolve as "Drakz" made it. Yes you can add little details, but when you have a little black cloth or mesh over your face, you are just as black as the Nazgul and have no features but the metal of the mask. The thicker the metal the harder it will be to work. This is a very cool mask when worn. SO Drakz, when will you show your "halo" costume.
meddler8 years ago
I have some litho printing plates made out of light aluminum that should be just right for this.Cool costume
Jaw droppingly amesome... been my favorite characters since i was 6.
Honus8 years ago
Awesome! Great instructable....I like it.
Ayimera8 years ago
Drakz is awesome!