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This is my Nazgul costume. I haven't got any pictures about the making, but I will take when I create next projekt.

I cut thin metal plate with scissors for the gloves, and fixed it by wire and glue. The gloves is a normal safety gloves. I used a little paint to looks like antique.

My mom helped me, to create a suit. I can't sew :)

When I made a sword, I used a flat metal profil, some wire, welding and smith works. That was the hardest part, now I know, my hand is very weak :)

This is my first instructable, I try to write more in the future!



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erik.madaras (author)2014-10-14

Thanks! :)
I try write down a short description. I learn english language every day, but It's hard sometime :)

seamster (author)2014-10-09

Could you at least add some details describing how it was made? This looks cool!

I'm curious about those glove specifically. They look great!

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