Picture of Call of Duty Zombies Perk Cola Bottles!!!

These bottles are based of the ever so popular game Call of Duty Nazi Zombies.  Throughout the game characters drink these magical sodas that give them super human powers (Known as perks)

Juggernog- allows you to have more health
Quick revive- heals downed teamates quicker or in solo mode will allow you to be revived after a short amount of time.
Speed Cola- Allows the ingame perk sleight of hand to be in use making you reload almost twice as fast.
Double Tap RootBear- Allows the player to shoot his weapon twice as fast.

Check out my newest instructable (its about longboards. the way of the future)

Step 1: Get materials

Picture of Get materials
1.) 4 clear bottles with a label that can be pealed off- also find them with a screwable lid.
2.) Printable stickers
3.) Goo-gone stuff (this was only used to get the nasty residue off the glasses- you dont have to get it)
4.) Color Printer
5.) A passion for Nazi Zombies
6.) Template- Color ( this gives the desired effect!)

The bottles I used ad a thread at the neck of the bottle allowing me to screw the cap back on with a liquid tight seal.  I advise you to get these ones and not the others(without the threads) Who knows how hard it would be to get the cap back on the bottle...

If you do not have an instructables account it is nesecary to view all the required pictures so go and make one!
dde04852 years ago
I used a hand sander and ran it over my caps for a few seconds. Gave them a good metallic look and go rid of the label!
wheres phd flopper tombstone stamina mule kick
moll01254 years ago
I definitely want to try this. Thanks for taking your time to make a tutorial of this.
Danke! This is wunderbar! :D
AnimaT moll01257 months ago


dauriru1 month ago

like this

dauriru1 month ago

great, but you missed the one on the neck

ZoleroxD6 months ago

Quick Revive Juggernog Double tap Speed Cola

| | | |

\/ \/ \/ \/

JoeJ7 ZoleroxD3 months ago

since when has rootbeer been peachee...21 century failed me

Hmm they can all be Mountain Dew now.
ZoleroxD6 months ago

these are the mailing labels


Goo gone Pen same Chemicals and cheaper should still work


Cant find the dye he used


How ever you could always get the labels from the post office and dye from art/crafts shop

AvengedG6 months ago


ZoleroxD6 months ago
Is there anywhere / anyway to buy these? I don't have a printer :/
milesduggan9 months ago

I would suggest filling them with Powerade for a richer color. Also the color wont separate like food coloring. Just a friendly suggestion.

Smart better then just drinking powerade out of the normal bottles drink from the perk bottles ..... Drinkin is style (powerade gives you energy so its good for speed cola)

Algernon5611 months ago

These are pretty frickin great.

raestet1 year ago
i am going to use fruit punch for juggernog and lemonade root beer for double tap root beer. drinkable perks!!!
Krafty_Punk2 years ago
This helped me so much! But can I still drink sodas out of them?
XBlox2 years ago
I love the idea and they look great.
P.S. You can use dry ginger ale for the double tap root beer.
calebbenji2 years ago
oh guys i found out what bottles he used there called Fit's Premium Root Beer
jrussell252 years ago
how much will this cost? i dont have much money but iv been wanting to make them for a long time
mich jaeger2 years ago
what do you mean by a thread at the neck of the bottle? im confused.
larslovespeace (author)  mich jaeger2 years ago
The cap was a screw on cap and not like most bottles. Most glass bottles nowadays have you use a bottle opener. These bottles were screw off making it easier for me to refill them.
nkarwowski2 years ago
What about Staminup or Tombstone?
larslovespeace (author)  nkarwowski2 years ago
There is another tutorial with those ones in it. I was just trying to do the original bottles.
baconhawx3 years ago
where do you get the stickers for the bottle caps
stickers work but you can also use Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
eternalwind3 years ago
Wher do you get the glass bottles?
yeah where do you get them??
Land shark beer bottles work good, just peel of the labels with Goo Gone or something else you prefer.

Hope that helped
you can get them a t the store<>get the ones that are clear and plain./
larslovespeace (author)  eternalwind3 years ago
I got the glass bottles from price chopper. I used them for my bros birthday and salvaged them afterwards.
skeddy952 years ago
what site can i get the pictures to put on the bottles from?i wanna make some
Go to step 3 and  just click the image and a large image with the emblems should pop up and then left click and click "save image as..." If you want the smaller labels just click the arrow to the right and the smaller labels should pop up and then left click and click "save image as..."

Hope that helps
skeddy952 years ago
what kind of bottles are those i need to get some i already have the food coloring and pictures?
If you want to get rid of the residual glue just spray it with WD40 let it soak in for a minute or two and just wipe off
katybeesh3 years ago
these are freakin awesome!!!
ryanjf973 years ago
so If I drink juggernog and jump off a building, will I survive?
larslovespeace (author)  ryanjf973 years ago
I think thats PHD flopper... but it may work
bom8173 years ago
where do i get the bottles??
bom8173 years ago
cool bottles. me and my cousins are making some ourselves. we play black ops its awesome!!!
ipires23 years ago
I used water to take the label off, it worked normally.
timnitro3 years ago
you could replace the water food coloring with Jones soda they make real sodas that look like that
jmitchell263 years ago
Does it really taste like fermented herring dipped in cat piss? Rofl!!! If you guys need good ideas for the drinks to be consumable stewarts soda comes in glass bottles and ANY FLAVOR/COLOR there is.
rbasha13 years ago
instead of using stickers, just use glue?
mgott3 years ago
for the blue one you can use the TacoBell exclusive soda Baja Blast
lol, that, sir, is awesome. I play Zombies mode all the time on Black Ops. 5 stars for epicness.
i absolutely love it what are some things you can use for the flavor can you use any artificial flavors that dont grow bacteria in the bottle
jbell224 years ago
You should also make a PhD Flopper one too considering its in ascension
dbfrankmore4 years ago
I prefere to use actual sodas it makes it feel more original.
can u print the lable stickers?
what site is it on
Loganlase4 years ago
those are just like the game i wish ihad them
R.A.T.M4 years ago
you could use jones bottles
aaldaz4 years ago
i was bored then remembered about zombies then i searched how to make perk a colas
aaldaz4 years ago
dog in background
aaldaz4 years ago
im going to use stamin up and spy eye also
broesler14 years ago
how did you get the stickers perfectly round?
larslovespeace (author)  broesler14 years ago
I cut them out of the labeling material. The stickers werent originaly round so I cut them out along the outer edge of the design
jbuhay4 years ago
where do you get the labels?
larslovespeace (author)  jbuhay4 years ago
I had the sticker labels already but im sure you can find them at wal-mart or an office supply store
you can use gatorade (tempreture affects color and transparency)
SchmiezDawg4 years ago
Do they taste like cat piss? haha
it gets me every time
larslovespeace (author)  SchmiezDawg4 years ago
yeah they actually do!
haha good reference
ngetzke4 years ago
Dude this is awesome i made a lot of them and me and my friends are staying up all night drinking them playing zombies.
pmcgrath4 years ago
i was wondering what did u use for the speedy cola?...like wht drink?
ninjakoi4 years ago
can someone tell me where i can find some of these bottles please?
larslovespeace (author)  ninjakoi4 years ago
These bottles are just glass soda bottles i tore the stickers off the front and drank the soda. I would check grocery stores. Some gas stations may have bottles like these too!
jmamba24 years ago
Very nice, thanks for the help in making these... going to have to make a set for my brother to display beside his 360! Who know, maybe he will let me play it for more than a few mins!
larslovespeace (author)  jmamba24 years ago
kyagami4 years ago
i'm thinking of making these this weekend hope mine turns out like yours :D
you should just use all the crush sodas for them! blue raspberry, orange, cherry. they are awesome
BuhBomb4 years ago
Can you make mini perks?
Can you reply to me with the link to the cap stickers? Thanks!
ataylor64 years ago
Just made Juggernog, great tut
Delo974 years ago
You may use Red Bull for Juggernog. You can whitstand (not sure if it is writed well) a LOT of damage with 1/2 liter of that x3
Juggernaut u mean? lol
i did this with pop soda at my local shoprite, just ripped off old labels, printed these on label paper, and just stuck em on. Then me and my friends made a 3rd person zombies "gameplay" (someone followed us around with a camera)
our zombies were edited in
Did you put t on youtube? I would really like to see it!
naw my parents dont approve b/c it shows our faces, and theyre uptight about privacy issues... And yes, we smashed the bottles wen we drank them (chugged them, lol), but we cleaned the mess up later. We used airsoft guns for our weapons, and plan to make a 1st person remake with a helmet cam (and we'll edit in all the "Hold X to buy..." stuff)

Unfortunately, my friend's helmet cam is broken due to wen we made a FPS video, another friend Meleed him with his airsoft rifle and broke something inside...

but its so convenient that my local shoprite sells colored sodas in those glass bottles like shown in ur instructable, and so many different kinds, that we were able to match the colors in the game

i suck at Zombies but own at multiplayer with explosives and sniper.
No i dont own my own Xbox i play at a friends house
but i play modern combat on my itouch, and am getting MC2 soon. Heh great instructable i laughed wen i saw this
thanks dude and I understand about the privacy issue my parents use to be the same way
"used to be"?
lucky u...
to b honest, my parents banned me from:
visiting friends
watching TV
playing on comp
playing vid games (threw all of them away, i sneak bought a few)
listening to music
writing stories
reading stories

they dont know about my itouch either....

yes im chinese and my parents r the stereotyped chinese parents.
Without my current games (Pokemon Crystal, Sapphire, White, and Mystery Dungeon Sky) and my Ipod, I would go insane.
Wow! do you live in China?
No but theyr super strict
that crazy
lol yeah i know
is the head cam go pro?
No its called Juggernog
I knew that!
*bangs head on wall*
now i feel stupid.
My boyfriend is obsessed with playing zombies. I'm totally making these for him!
what did you use for the bottles were di you get them?
mcaliber.504 years ago
Randomguy654 years ago
My bro LOVES COD. I am planning on finding bottles and filling them with colored soda for his B-day ;-)
punx7774 years ago
I am a home-brewer, it is pretty common knowledge that milk works pretty good for sticking paper to bottles.

Just get labels printed at officemax or kinkos or something (laser paper works better than inkjet, )

fill some milk in a fine mist spray bottle and spray the back of the paper labels

stick them to the bottles, will stick immediately due to the food particles.
lemon rind4 years ago
Bro loving it...
weasel54 years ago
Thanks, these were fun to make.
that is so cool!!!!
Nice job, now all you need is the new perks, PhD flopper, and StaminaUp.
larslovespeace (author)  flashanimator4 years ago
Someone has already made an instructable about those and I dont want to copy their idea... Even though I posted these first.
their's sucks, its not the same perks from ingame,
plzzz make the real copies..
Actually, re-capping a bottle is pretty easy with the right equipment. I got this wing capper at my local Homebrew store for about $15. A bag of caps is about $4 for 60 caps. re-capping with a capper will create a gas tight seal so your soda doesn't go flat. Just put the cap on the bottle, the capper on the cap and push down the handles, perfectly sealed bottle.
2.jpg2 (2).jpg2 (1).jpg
larslovespeace (author)  cryptomaniac4 years ago
Wow that's Awesome you do that!
Thanks. It's actually a lot of fun. I make my own beer, mead and hard cider too.
Hey, this is awesome, but would this allow Botulin to stay in your bottles? Please say that my bro (37 years old) was wrong 'bout that, because if so, my parents will NEVER let me create my drinks!
Oh gosh anyone else seen the trailer for call of the dead? the new map pack coming out in 6 days for xbox! WHOOO I'm so pumped. There's like 5 new weapons, a new perk, a boss! and 4 new characters!!!! I'm so excited!
larslovespeace (author)  lindd54 years ago
go advertise to someone else!!! Im not bein scammed by you -ya hobo!
Delo974 years ago
Ok, NOW I'm angry.

Excuse me people.

larslovespeace (author)  Delo974 years ago
I know felt the same way- what a bunch of hobos
mrfluffy4 years ago
bro, this is truley epic, off to make one right now!
anres3214 years ago
haha this is awesome !! 5*
kaitheninja4 years ago
were do you get screwable bottles in the uk?
larslovespeace (author)  kaitheninja4 years ago
If you really have to scroll fown the page someone posted how to put caps of bottles back on
larslovespeace (author)  kaitheninja4 years ago
I dont live in the UK but I am sure their are some types of sodas that have screwable caps- These drinks are kids sodas(ie. not an alchoholic beverage)
Mainly with fruit flavors
Raydoom4 years ago
in the mood for zombies now
larslovespeace (author)  Raydoom4 years ago
I know what you mean!
fellbaum4 years ago
instead of using mailing labels go to home depot an get full sheets of sticker paper
larslovespeace (author)  fellbaum4 years ago
these were all I had at the time
mmehdipour4 years ago
wow thats just awesome! good job!
larslovespeace (author)  mmehdipour4 years ago
thanks dude! that means a lot!
Badlad2204 years ago
username2524 years ago
Now I just need enough points to use them.

The nest step: The Vending Machines :o
Step 3: Make the perks real
Step 4: Weapons
Step 5: Zombies x3

And now, people, INVENT steps.
Now I want to try to make nukacola and nukacola quantum. Not sure how I'm going to make it glow.
what color does it need to glow and can you display it under a blacklight?
It needs to be neon purple/pink. And a black light is a great idea to make it glow.
Rubbing alcohol works just a well. Cotton ball and rub.
larslovespeace (author)  ladyk5dragon4 years ago
I dont think I had any of that but ill add it in
Cool. BTW, thanks for doing this. I've been thinking of doing something similar for another game, for like YEARS now. Really good Instructable.
gcron4 years ago
I don't remember for sure if the labels are removeable, but couldn't you use those Mexican sodas like Jarrito's? That way they are sealed and you don't have to worry about contamination or spoilage?
larslovespeace (author)  gcron4 years ago
I actually have one of those at my house right now with the label off! I'm going to use it to make some Liquid Awesomeness
Dude, I am loving this gaming contest.
Looks awesome.
pretty feekin sweet dude
larslovespeace (author)  airsoft guru4 years ago
Oh thanks dude!
fishcake274 years ago
haha thats funny, you need to add PHD Flopper and Stamin up tho
Well, these are really the 'classic' ones. They're really cool! Maybe those two might be cool too. Purple and Orange?
larslovespeace (author)  ajleece4 years ago
Alright yeah I'll try and find those labels also that would be tight. It looks like someone else posted an instructable (He did it after me) with the phd flooper and staminu up.
Haha, okay. But yeah, might be cool to update your collection!
Nice ible, very cool! I've seen people do this to cheat on tests. They make an identical label (usually on a plastic bottle) with their notes added into the ingredients section or some other area where they wouldn't be easily noticed.
larslovespeace (author)  Spaceman Spiff4 years ago
dude that's tight!
William9304 years ago
i think ill make these, but im going to use full jones soda bottles, and give sets of four for presents
larslovespeace (author)  William9304 years ago
Sounds like a great idea!- Jones soda even tastes good!
this is why i love zombies 5 stars!!! check out my zombie survival guide also =)
MrSillyGuns4 years ago
Very nice.. it's worthy of 5*
larslovespeace (author)  MrSillyGuns4 years ago
thanks dude that means a lot.
No problem... it's awesome. :D
where did you get your bottles? i'm having trouble finding ones with the right cap
I used the bottles- fritzs but there may be others that work too...
lseibert4 years ago
If you need to get labels off, I recommend a soak for 24 hours in a solution of water and oxyclean (the granular kind you use for laundry). It will remove the labels with no residue left behind.
MrSalvador4 years ago
What about mold?
larslovespeace (author)  MrSalvador4 years ago
I havent experienced any yet... I think of it much like a greenhouse- No mold in them, and after all it is just water (If you want to use soda you can but sugar may eventually build up- this is just my theory- it would be nasty)
dude this is sick how long does it take
I took me over all probley and hour and a half.- maybe less
burdockwing4 years ago
sakumari1474 years ago
Insanely awesome dude. Hope to see more zombie stuff later. :)
larslovespeace (author)  sakumari1474 years ago
Yeah, my friend told me about these on ebay so I just made them myself!
Hey! This is AWESOME!!! AMAZING beyond! 5* I LOVE cod zombies so overall this is awesome might make tomorow!!! oh and I subed u
larslovespeace (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
Yeah, they are really easy to make and awesome. Mine turned out really great. I brought them to school and everyone was amaized at how well they turned out. It was awesome!
yeah They look so cool! makes me want to drink one and see if it works!
larslovespeace (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
Have you made them??? they do look really awesome!
No I have yet to find some bottles that will work... But I swear when I do, I will make these! They would look really cool on display! Do you own a xbox or Ps3? and whats your highest level on zombies?
larslovespeace (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
I actually own a Wii. It plays good I have a KD on black ops of 2.7 somethin. and in Zombies I got to round 37 with three people but we had to quite because a dude had to go to bed so we all just cooked grenades... It was exciting
oh wow that's way more than me. I've mostly played at my friends house gaining experience along the way. So about 3-4 days ago I just bought my first xbox! exciting! My highest level in zombies is 28 atm... Could have gone longer but yeah people started to leave so it got usless to try! I'm not sure exactly cuz first strike came out so thats all I do for zombies. I forget my Kino der toten days. I also hate 5 because I can't find a good strategy in it. I duno what my KD is but I know I just got to lvl 14 online this morning. I haven't played Too much but still...
Anyways still lookin for bottles! =/
This is the best Instructable I have ever seen!!! I am so going to make some! Oh... and I'm subsribing!
larslovespeace (author)  lancealotx214 years ago
cool that's crazy you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!