Picture of Call of Duty Zombies Perk Cola Bottles!!!

These bottles are based of the ever so popular game Call of Duty Nazi Zombies.  Throughout the game characters drink these magical sodas that give them super human powers (Known as perks)

Juggernog- allows you to have more health
Quick revive- heals downed teamates quicker or in solo mode will allow you to be revived after a short amount of time.
Speed Cola- Allows the ingame perk sleight of hand to be in use making you reload almost twice as fast.
Double Tap RootBear- Allows the player to shoot his weapon twice as fast.

Check out my newest instructable (its about longboards. the way of the future)

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Step 1: Get materials

Picture of Get materials
1.) 4 clear bottles with a label that can be pealed off- also find them with a screwable lid.
2.) Printable stickers
3.) Goo-gone stuff (this was only used to get the nasty residue off the glasses- you dont have to get it)
4.) Color Printer
5.) A passion for Nazi Zombies
6.) Template- Color ( this gives the desired effect!)

The bottles I used ad a thread at the neck of the bottle allowing me to screw the cap back on with a liquid tight seal.  I advise you to get these ones and not the others(without the threads) Who knows how hard it would be to get the cap back on the bottle...

If you do not have an instructables account it is nesecary to view all the required pictures so go and make one!

Step 2: Bottles

Picture of Bottles
Once you get the bottles peal the label off.  When I pealed the label off it left a nasty looking paper tear. I sprayed it with goo-gone, shaved it off with a knife, and then rubbed it all away with a towel. 

Another way to do it is to use rubbing alchohol and a towel.  You just get the towel wet and rubb it off.

There probley is a simpler way to do this, but this worked for me so I'm happy.

Step 3: Printing the labels

Picture of Printing the labels
The smaller set is perfect for the top of the bottles- however the larger set must be zoomed in to the preferred size- I zoomed it in to 165% for the best looking fit. ( This may not be true to your printer... Everyones is different)

to get the files just right click the picture below with your mouse and scroll down to the button that says "save picture as" then save the pic to your desired location. ( You may have to do a lot of shifting of the pictures...)

Be Carefull! test out printing them beforehand so you know where to shift the labels to and to not waste sticker paper

P.S.- Everyones printers are different so just get the labels in the right spot and you should be good to go.

Step 4: Applying the Sticker to the Top

Picture of Applying the Sticker to the Top

Cut out all you stikers and follow the steps below-

Get the stickers you just printed out and peel the back off them.  Apply the smaller sticker to the top of your bottle. (My stickers were a little small so I used a sharpie and covered the metal label on the top).

Step 5: Applying the Sticker to the Front

Picture of applying the Sticker to the Front
Peel the front label from the backing and apply to the bottle. ( You would usually want the label to be situated rightside up and centered but if you dont want to then dont! It's your bottles!)

Step 6: Filling the bottles

Picture of Filling the bottles
To fill the bottles I used food coloring and water- you can easily fill them with actual drinks, but I decided against it because if these are going to sit on my wall for awhile I dont want rotten old soda sitting up there too.

Double tap root bear-
1 red drop
1 green drop                                  However if one wanted to use actual root beer it would also give the desired effect.
a lot of yellow drops

1 yellow drop                                 However if one wanted to use red mountain due or another red drink it would look awesome
a lot of red

Quick revive Cola-
1 green drop                                  One could use blue powerade instead
a lot of blue

Speed Cola-
1 blue drop                                     One could use maybe a monster energy drink or something that is green( or green moutain due)
a lot of green

Step 7: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
These bottles are awesome and should add a little spice to your life.  They are great for making movies or just showing off to your friends.

P.S.- If you have read this and You have Know Idea what these are you haven't lived yet so go look it up and get the game!

This game is AWESOME!!!!!

Step 8: Extra!!!!

Picture of Extra!!!!
Perk Cola songs can be found at this link at the bottom of the page.



http://www.youtube.com/user/andyandlars        - My youtube Channel!!!!!- Call of duty vids and More!

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dde04852 years ago
I used a hand sander and ran it over my caps for a few seconds. Gave them a good metallic look and go rid of the label!
dauriru13 days ago

like this

dauriru13 days ago

great, but you missed the one on the neck

ZoleroxD5 months ago

Quick Revive Juggernog Double tap Speed Cola

| | | |

\/ \/ \/ \/

JoeJ7 ZoleroxD2 months ago

since when has rootbeer been peachee...21 century failed me

Hmm they can all be Mountain Dew now.
ZoleroxD4 months ago

these are the mailing labels


Goo gone Pen same Chemicals and cheaper should still work


Cant find the dye he used


How ever you could always get the labels from the post office and dye from art/crafts shop

AvengedG5 months ago


ZoleroxD5 months ago
moll01254 years ago
I definitely want to try this. Thanks for taking your time to make a tutorial of this.
Danke! This is wunderbar! :D
AnimaT moll01256 months ago


Is there anywhere / anyway to buy these? I don't have a printer :/
milesduggan8 months ago

I would suggest filling them with Powerade for a richer color. Also the color wont separate like food coloring. Just a friendly suggestion.

Smart better then just drinking powerade out of the normal bottles drink from the perk bottles ..... Drinkin is style (powerade gives you energy so its good for speed cola)

Algernon5610 months ago

These are pretty frickin great.

raestet1 year ago
i am going to use fruit punch for juggernog and lemonade root beer for double tap root beer. drinkable perks!!!
This helped me so much! But can I still drink sodas out of them?
XBlox2 years ago
I love the idea and they look great.
P.S. You can use dry ginger ale for the double tap root beer.
calebbenji2 years ago
oh guys i found out what bottles he used there called Fit's Premium Root Beer
jrussell252 years ago
how much will this cost? i dont have much money but iv been wanting to make them for a long time
mich jaeger2 years ago
what do you mean by a thread at the neck of the bottle? im confused.
larslovespeace (author)  mich jaeger2 years ago
The cap was a screw on cap and not like most bottles. Most glass bottles nowadays have you use a bottle opener. These bottles were screw off making it easier for me to refill them.
nkarwowski2 years ago
What about Staminup or Tombstone?
larslovespeace (author)  nkarwowski2 years ago
There is another tutorial with those ones in it. I was just trying to do the original bottles.
baconhawx3 years ago
where do you get the stickers for the bottle caps
stickers work but you can also use Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
eternalwind3 years ago
Wher do you get the glass bottles?
yeah where do you get them??
Land shark beer bottles work good, just peel of the labels with Goo Gone or something else you prefer.

Hope that helped
you can get them a t the store<>get the ones that are clear and plain./
larslovespeace (author)  eternalwind3 years ago
I got the glass bottles from price chopper. I used them for my bros birthday and salvaged them afterwards.
skeddy952 years ago
what site can i get the pictures to put on the bottles from?i wanna make some
Go to step 3 and  just click the image and a large image with the emblems should pop up and then left click and click "save image as..." If you want the smaller labels just click the arrow to the right and the smaller labels should pop up and then left click and click "save image as..."

Hope that helps
skeddy952 years ago
what kind of bottles are those i need to get some i already have the food coloring and pictures?
If you want to get rid of the residual glue just spray it with WD40 let it soak in for a minute or two and just wipe off
katybeesh2 years ago
these are freakin awesome!!!
ryanjf973 years ago
so If I drink juggernog and jump off a building, will I survive?
larslovespeace (author)  ryanjf973 years ago
I think thats PHD flopper... but it may work
bom8173 years ago
where do i get the bottles??
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