Step 7: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
These bottles are awesome and should add a little spice to your life.  They are great for making movies or just showing off to your friends.

P.S.- If you have read this and You have Know Idea what these are you haven't lived yet so go look it up and get the game!

This game is AWESOME!!!!!
moll01254 years ago
I definitely want to try this. Thanks for taking your time to make a tutorial of this.
Danke! This is wunderbar! :D
AnimaT moll01257 months ago


i am going to use fruit punch for juggernog and lemonade root beer for double tap root beer. drinkable perks!!!
eternalwind3 years ago
Wher do you get the glass bottles?
larslovespeace (author)  eternalwind3 years ago
I got the glass bottles from price chopper. I used them for my bros birthday and salvaged them afterwards.
i absolutely love it what are some things you can use for the flavor can you use any artificial flavors that dont grow bacteria in the bottle
jbuhay4 years ago
where do you get the labels?
larslovespeace (author)  jbuhay4 years ago
I had the sticker labels already but im sure you can find them at wal-mart or an office supply store
jmamba24 years ago
Very nice, thanks for the help in making these... going to have to make a set for my brother to display beside his 360! Who know, maybe he will let me play it for more than a few mins!
BuhBomb4 years ago
Can you make mini perks?
ataylor64 years ago
Just made Juggernog, great tut
fellbaum4 years ago
instead of using mailing labels go to home depot an get full sheets of sticker paper
larslovespeace (author)  fellbaum4 years ago
these were all I had at the time
William9304 years ago
i think ill make these, but im going to use full jones soda bottles, and give sets of four for presents
dude this is sick how long does it take