Introduction: Nds

This is my Nintendo ds holder/stand . Im sorry but i didn't really make instructions for it.I made it for a normal ds not a light.

Step 1: Build It

build this



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    sweet! I have the same ds! except the top screen is dying, and that makes me very, very sad :'(

    buy a new screen on ebay

    my slot-1 is dead, so i can't play my DS games anymore... now i have to use GBA games on it, unless i duct tape the game in.

    lol, what would the world be like without duct tape, right? anyway, I found the problem on my ds, ordered the replacement part from dealextreme.com, and now my ds is good as new!! ...minus the seriously scratched up screen, the beat up case, and the failing L and R buttons :( I've had this thing for years, though, so its kind of expected.

    buy another one, though. Nintendo's releasing a new version in 2009!

    me to!
    the new ds are MUCH more prone to breaking and have a smaller battery life
    though i've had mine for 3 years (by x-mas) i still love it =)

    Would this work with a DS Lite?

    no, this is to big.

    You could alter it to be smaller...