Here im gonna show you how to Make a Ne555n Oscillator !!!! in a project board!!!!

step by stepp!!!

Step 1: Working!!!


2-5.6k resistor
3-1k resistor
4-100 micro farad capacitor                                                    Enjoy It!!!!
5-330 ohms resitor 
6-9v baterry hack
7-9v battery
8-project board
10-Your Brain!!!

Step 2: Circuit Diagramm!!

Crocodile clips!!

Step 3: Videoo!!!

I'm unable to download the PDF ...
<p>Hi, nice project. I tried making it, but there are a few spots I can't see very well. Could you take more pictures of the circuit in the breadboard?</p>
Please reupload video
please,reupload video
few people, if any, can build this circuit without the schematics....consider attaching it to make it appealing in future posts! thanks

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