Did you know you have an all natural cellulite remover right in your very own home?

Well, maybe not everyone but most people have these ingredients already handy.
It's a very easy and cheap recipe!!

Step 1: And the Secret Ingredient Is.....


  Sugar (optional)

That's it!!!

The first step is brew yourself some coffee. 
Drink it!!
Then - wait for the grounds to cool.
From Wikipedia: <br><br>&quot;In an interview with the New York Times, Dr. Molly Wanner, an instructor in dermatology at Harvard Medical School and an author of a 2008 evidence-based review of existing treatments, asserted: &ldquo;At this point, there is no outstanding treatment for cellulite.&rdquo;[13]<br><br>Dr. Michael F. McGuire, a clinical associate professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, confirmed &ldquo;realistically, there is no cure for cellulite.&rdquo;<br><br>This scrub may have other benefits, such as exfoliation, but I doubt it does anything to the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue.
I never said it was a &quot;cure.&quot; For things to be called a &quot;cure&quot; the affliction has to be labeled a &quot;disease&quot; first by the FDA.<br><br>This is an all natural remedy. If you really want to get &quot;technical&quot; with someone on Instructables about how well this works or not. There are several reputable companies making over the counter cellulite removers or inhibitors sold at places like Sephora which include the active ingredient as caffeine. But I am no doctor and make no claims to &quot;cure&quot; anyone. The same can pretty much be said for any &quot;all natural&quot; treatment, or remedy.
<p>Absolutely, solemnraven!</p><p>Since there is no &quot;cure&quot; for something that's not a &quot;disease&quot;, why not make your own? Those expensive creams they sell at department stores don't &quot;cure&quot; anything, either. All these treatments do is help to firm up the skin, so it doesn't look so lumpy. There's no reason to make a big stink about something that the OP never claimed.</p><p>Personally, I am excited to try this!</p><p>Thanks for posting, solemnraven!</p>
Thanks for trying it out!
As an experienced phlebologist (vein doctor), I can assure you that there is no cliniical proof that coffee can reduce the appearance of varicose veins. The only effective <a href="http://www.nuvelaesthetica.com/VEINS_NEW/Vein_TX_New.htm" rel="nofollow">vein treatment</a> procedures are through surgical procedures, which nowadays are office-based and minimally invasive.
Can this be stored?
I wouldn't store this for more than a day or two. It's an organic product with no preservatives, so it will more than likely spoil. To be honest I haven't tried storing it, so if you do and see that it can keep please let us know. I just make up a small batch for use when I make coffee which is only every once in a while.
I don't care whether it works. It is still a great idea for a simple scrub. Good Job!

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