Introduction: Nearly Free IPhone Tripod Adapter

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Starting with the 3G, iPhones have had the capability to take videos. There are times when it would be nice to be able to attach the iPhone to a tripod. There are several tripod adapters for the iPhone available. Unfortunately, they are somewhat expensive.

Here is a quick and cheap solution.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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   1  -  thick wire coat hanger
   1  -  1/4x20 nut
   2  -  rubber bands  

    pliers with wire cutter

Step 2: Altering the Coat Hanger

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Use the wire cutters to remove the bottom and hook portion of the coat hanger. Some coat hangers will start to come apart if you clip the hook portion off. If you think this might happen to you just straighten it out instead of cutting.

Bend the long ends of the coat hanger until they form a "U".

Step 3:

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Bend the remaining part of the hook (or the whole hook, if you didn't cut) perpendular to the "U".

Step 4:

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Place the small open end of the hook portion of the coat hanger over the 1/4 screw that is on the tripod.

Step 5:

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Screw the 1/4x20 nut onto the tripod screw. This should lock the coat hanger bracket to the tripod.

Step 6:

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Slip 2 rubber bands around your iPhone. Place them about an inch from the top and bottom.

Step 7:

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Stretch the end of the each rubber bands and give them a twist. After they are twisted slip them over the coat hanger wires that make up the "U".

Step 8:

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With the iPhone in position, trim the coat hanger "U". I decided to bend one so that it could be used as a handle.

When you are finished, you can remove your iPhone and sand the ends of the wire. I didn't bother.

Step 9: Conclusion

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Here is the nearly free iPhone tripod adapter in use.


MitziM7 made it! (author)2016-07-23

I used a dry cleaners' pants hanger for my iPad mini adapter. When you remove the cardboard tube the pants hang on, you automatically get two dandy little hooky-doos that are perfect for rubber banding. I also put a wine cork on the wire where I cut off the hanger. Makes a fine handle and also keeps you from being impaled.

jamessimon (author)2014-08-29

The simplicity is genius. Thank you! Well done!!

Chulainn (author)2014-08-16

This is an awesome idea! I modified it so I could do a landscape view photo and it works perfectly so thank you, I would never have thought of this myself! here is a pic for you :)

nomydude90 (author)2010-11-27

do you reckon you could try one so that the iphone could sit sideways in the holder

Doug Paradis (author)nomydude902010-11-28

I don't see why not.

You could bend the coat hanger on step 2 to fit a sidewards iPhone, or if your tripod allows you to flip the mounting screw so that it is horizontal to the base you would not have to change anything.

Doug Paradis (author)2010-10-27

Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy!

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