Step 6: Powder

After you have completed your outline, remove your paper from the pumpkin but keep handy for visual aid.Then rub the powder over holes so that you can see your image more clearly.
I use this bucket scoop to clean out the pumpkin. It has a curved blade so it hugs the edge of the pumpkin and the metal blade scrapes it clean. http://krafttool.com/catalog.aspx?cat=91&subcat=115&prod=4568
This is a very clever idea... I hadn't thought of a good way to get a good copy of the image, but the dots 'n powder idea is really great.<br><br>Nice 'ible, 5 stars.
Another great instructable! Many thanks.
exelent im only 13 and this looks great and easy to follow 10/10
Thanks for the instructables was really good fun sat around with house mates.
Very nice. I never thought of using the powder. Great instructable.
you should retake the last picture in the dark(or close to dark) but good idea
Good Tutor: To save tons of time from poking all those holes. use transfer paper - to transfer the pattern For more tips and Great patterns check out stoneykins.com
I hadn't seen the powder trick before- thanks for the tip!
Very clever idea using the powder to make the dots visible!

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