These pieces are all made from wood and resin.  The nebula images are hand painted.  The pieces with a loop at the top are pendants and those without are rings.

***First of all, thank you to everyone who has said nice things about these, it means so much to me.  

This was a photo post for a photo contest. I made these once. I do not plan to make them again. I did not document the process originally, and to go back and do so now would require me to buy more laser cut parts and make something I did not otherwise plan to make. My blog is in my author bio and nowhere else, this wasn't meant to be a promotion of that.  I'm glad that so many people like what I made, but I'm going to ask you all to focus on the 23 complete instructables I have already published instead of requesting a how-to for this.***
<p>I love crafting and do a decent job when given instructions but lack the gene that makes it possible to look at a photo and figure it out. I realize the original poster did not want to reconstruct her procedure but if someone else figured out how to do it, would you maybe post on Pinterest a photo and call it wood/resin jewelry or some easy way to find it. My fingers are willing but my brain is not providing me with the how to.</p>
<p>These were beautiful!</p>
<p>These are awesome. I am going to try to remake these. If I am successful I may post my results.</p>
Well, that's unfortunate, because those of us that land on this page are looking for the how to for these beauties! :-)
these r really nice! i should make them. :) <br>
I like these. They have potential for other uses as well. example buttons on knitted sweaters, a broach style pin or lapel pin. <br> <br>If I may add, that to those who are looking to create things like this in resins, here is a decent close up video I have watched many times which has helped me for making pen blanks in resin for turning on a lathe. With this video should give you a good idea and its easy to be creative with them. All your supplies can easily be obtained at a Michaels or craft store. Cast n craft resin and mica fibers or pigments. <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhG_CYiYAyg <br> <br>Techno, these are very cool looking, good job. <br> <br> <br> <br>
This isn't a photo-by-photo how-to though. it's just for looking at. I feel this person could've at least stated the materials used.
Where is the instructable? I want to make this.
The reason I did these as a photo submission instead of a full instructable is because it isn't really a good how-to project! It would be something like:<br><br>get a piece of wood and some paints<br>make a painting<br>cover it in resin
Sounds like those are instructions to me... <br> <br>Like: <br>get a piece of wood and some paints <br>make a painting <br>cover it in resin <br> <br>Now make it into whatever jewelry you want! <br> <br>Folks can always go to another page to get the actual techniques. I am a baby-step beginner. My 2nd day on this site, and I can already think of the ways you made these. They are super pretty! I will be making them. You have been bookmarked! :)
Your response thoroughly confuses me. If you don't have a desire to show the steps necessary to construct something, it's not a good idea to post something on instructables, you'll be asked constantly for the steps if others are interested.<br><br>If this is just an effort to show off, you might be better off doing it somewhere else?
I think the point of the instructables site is to make the process of doing it clear not making it a photo of what you did. Even if the process is simple, you should have the &quot;instructions.&quot; They're gorgeous...but this isn't an instructable as far as how I understand the site.
Please show the process. I have no idea how to do this. Show and list the materials. Show the steps in the process. Teach how to paint like that. A video of one would be great. All I am doing is stating the obvious, what an instructable is.
even if the directions seem to simple and boring to post, other need them! these are amazing, i would love to make some of these. I will try to make one without the instructions, and if i can, I will post a pic.
Step-by-step instructions are not required when posting a 'Photo' Instructable. You can see the different posting options on the <a href="http://www.instructables.com/about/submit.jsp">Submit page</a>.<br /> <br /> Please feel free to encourage authors to post full instructions, but demanding them is not consistent with our 'be nice' comment policy.<br /> <br /> We have sort options on every category if you're only interested in seeing step-by-step instructions, for example:<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/stepbystep-true/category-living/channel-jewelry/">http://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/stepbystep-true/category-living/channel-jewelry/</a><br />
same! :)
Wow! They're a bit like opals (and I know how hard that is--I've been chasing THAT elusive dream for years!) crossed with gems. Gor-gee-ous!
Gorgeous! I'm so glad you posted these pictures. Even without full instructions, I'd far rather have seen them and be inspired, than not. Keep up the awesome work!
agreed!! I think I could figure out something similar ;)<br>
This is gorgeous. Did you use metallic paints if so what kind? Or paint on foil then add glitter glue or did you print actual nebulas, varnish and highlight then add glitter? I really want to give this a go. I really want to recreate that intense glow you have there. Absolutely beautiful. Also I think you might find these better received on cutoutandkeep.net or deviantart. Get them out there girl!
These are gorgeous. Do you have an etsy shop or somewhere you sell them?
Wow. Beautiful.

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