Picture of Neck Tie Snake
This is a great project for children to help make, and they love the finished product. The total cost for me was 78 cents. I purchased a tie at the thrift-store, and everything else I had around the house.
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Step 1: Choose a NeckTie

Picture of Choose a NeckTie
Choose a necktie with a design that is somewhat snake-like. Maybe a dark background with diamonds or spots. We used one with paisleys; the possibilities are unlimited.

Step 2: Open the Tie

Picture of Open the Tie
Open the wide end of the tie by removing the stitches that hold together the lining and the fabric. A seem ripper or scissors can be used.

Step 3: Stuff Tie

Picture of Stuff Tie
Stuff the tie with plastic grocery bags. (That will give your snake a nice crispy sound when he slithers thru the house.) To get the bags to the bottom of the tail, use a long thin object like a curtain rod or metal clothes hanger. Put the bag over the end of curtain rod; insert into tie all the way to bottom; remove curtain rod while holding bag in place inside the tie.

Step 4: Close Tie

Picture of Close Tie
Re-close the wide end of the tie by sewing the lining and fabric back together.

Step 5: Add Eyes

Picture of Add Eyes
Add snake eyes. Two shiny white buttons work well. Sew them onto the wide end of tie.

Step 6: Slither

Picture of Slither
The snake is now "live" and ready to slither!
canida5 years ago
What an awesome, easy idea!  My little one is totally into plastic bags.  Will have to give it a try.
l8nite5 years ago
COOL ! My g-brat will definately like this ! !
ve2vfd5 years ago
Oh I like it! How original!
kelllbelll (author)  ve2vfd5 years ago