Picture of Neck Tie Snake
This is a great project for children to help make, and they love the finished product. The total cost for me was 78 cents. I purchased a tie at the thrift-store, and everything else I had around the house.

Step 1: Choose a NeckTie

Picture of Choose a NeckTie
Choose a necktie with a design that is somewhat snake-like. Maybe a dark background with diamonds or spots. We used one with paisleys; the possibilities are unlimited.
canida5 years ago
What an awesome, easy idea!  My little one is totally into plastic bags.  Will have to give it a try.
l8nite5 years ago
COOL ! My g-brat will definately like this ! !
ve2vfd5 years ago
Oh I like it! How original!
kelllbelll (author)  ve2vfd5 years ago