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Yes, I have managed to reinvent the wheel but I hadn't seen anything like this done before so here it is. This project is not quite finished, I still have to put it on a loop for a chain and figure out where to put the battery as I think that it would look good incorporated as part of the necklace. The I used was found on this, , site. It is actually a fairly bright light but it was somewhat washed out by the sun. The loop on the back is just excess wire and will be cut off as soon as I further finalize the design. I hope you enjoy!!

PS. I figured I would add it to the green living contest as it uses almost dead batteries until they are totally drained.


BobW4 (author)2015-03-17

Lovely so nice and small do you have a parts list as the battery must be very small?


yongeeks (author)2013-02-07

Lovely. Truly.

qfe0 (author)2011-08-12

that looks great! how do you make it? what parts did you use?

Modarius (author)qfe02011-08-14

I used a toroid that I found in a power supply, some wire from a transformer, a 2N4401 transistor and a 1K resistor. I think that the red LED was from a crank up emergency flashlight. Like I said, nothing special with the circuitry, just a different packaging. I am also considering putting in a color cycling RGB led just for fun :D

mittu gat (author)Modarius2012-07-13

i rlly like what youv made but can i use 2n 904 instead of 2n4401?

nccwarp9 (author)2011-08-22

Where is the battery ?

Modarius (author)nccwarp92011-08-22

Sorry I didn't get a good pic of the battery but in the main image on the lower right corner of the coil you can kinda see the silver of the button cell I used.

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