For a good while my wife had been complaining about organizing her necklaces. She didn't have anywhere to hang them so they would get all tangled up so I decided to make something better than what she was using. See pic.

I had the idea to make a necklace tree and had originally thought of making one out of metal. But I had a pile of eucalyptus branches drying in a big pile outside from a previous project.  So since the eucalyptus was free I decided to go cheap and rustic.

Super easy project and super cheap.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

This project didn't cost me a dime.  That is I already had all the materials and tools.  If you don't already have glue and polyurethane those should be the only things you might need to buy.

3/4" x 3" x 30" weathered board (had one sitting outside)
Twine, String or Wire
Wood Glue
Trim Nails

Hand Saw
Pruning Shears
Drill & Bits

<p>looks nice :)</p>
<p>Nice job! I especially love how you did the roots part. </p>
<p>That's beautiful!</p>

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